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Thursday, 12 July 2018

ON LoG For Whatsapp

ON LoG For Whatsapp Apk

Who? When? How many minutes? Are you curious about the online reports at WhatsApp?
Even if you block it, you can still get online notification

OnLog find all WhatsApp online activities during the day.Get the report
Get instant online notification
Free trial

Instant notifications, detailed statistics and analytics, last seen times, online durations, 2 number, blocked number (if last - seen turned off)

In this post, we have to see that amazing app. Actually, this app is supported for all Android mobiles. Using this app we can add a number to get notified. First, select the country. where the number is available. Then add a number, then enter a name of that person. After that select the notification icon to get started.

From that minute that particular number comes from a sudden notification from that app comes to you. This is the best feature for all peoples, especially for parents and employees ..

How to use
- Download the app and Install
- Enter a name of friend
- Select Country of the number present
- Enter the mobile number
- Get start for notification