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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

App elf

AppElf brings together your most frequently used tools when using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. AppElf helps you become more efficient and create your own style in social network.

★ WhatsApp stickers: You can create your own WhatsApp sticker package, edit and manage third-party sticker packages.
★ Video Downloader: Supports Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
★ Photo Safe: Hides your on-the-cloud backup for your private photos and videos.
★ App Lock: Keeps your privacy safe by locking up your private apps.
★ Dual Space: One phone with multiple accounts like WhatsApp or Facebook.
★ Display recalled messages: Facilitates reviewing recalled WhatsApp messages and hides WhatsApp message status.
★ Clean Junk: Allows you to clear clear WhatsApp junk files.
★ Massive GIFs: The World's Largest GIF Search Engine Tenor helps with sending GIFs faster through WhatsApp.

Detailed Functions

★ Download Instagram, Facebook and TikTok videos
One-tap video download from Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. AppElf offers login-free download, meaning that you have to log in to the Facebook web account or Instagram web account to download videos. Your privacy data for Safer. You can also save WhatsApp status with ease.

★ WhatsApp Sticker Maker
The inclusive sticker edit functions help you create personalized WhatsApp sticker packages with ease. The powerful third-party sticker package management function frees you from having to install many third-party sticker apps.

★ Photo Safe
A cleverly disguised space in Stores your privacy photos and videos. Photo Safe adds stored photos to your phone, and also photos and videos in WhatsApp or Downloaded from Instagram and Facebook.

App Lock
To prevent peeping at your privacy and password, activate APP Lock. Fingerprint login is allowed. Mainstream social apps (such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok) are safe for App Lock Keep.

Double-Account Space
Two accounts online simultaneously help you handle your job and personal life with ease. In the double-account space, you can log in to almost all social apps. Two accounts receive and send messages and data independently.

 Display recalled messages
When someone recalls WhatsApp messages, you are immediately notified. One tap and you can review the recalled message, be it a text, picture, video, voice, or file.

Clean Junk
A dedicated WhatsApp cleaner that analyzes accurately WhatsApp cache files and recognizes repeated pictures and videos. WhatsApp cache has a certain amount of space when you get the reminders.

 Massive GIFs
Powered by The World's most advanced GIF search engine Tenor, you can share the most popular GIFs through WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

This application requires the administrator's authority to: Enable anti-uninstallation and avoid the loss of privacy data. Download Link