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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Whatsapp char hide

July 06, 2019

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in India. Anybody who buys a new smartphone WhatsApp because it gives us feature to chat with our friends and family easily. And there are many tricks for WhatsApp which you can use.

So, today I have come up with a cool trick to keep / use blank or empty name WhatsApp. You can hide your name from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp group then this trick will be helpful for you. Also, a hacker like look for this trick for some people. OK, no more introduction. Let’s move on to our trick.

Download- Click
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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Face pause

July 04, 2019

Face Pause with your favorite videos and games!

Face Pause stops any game / video when you're looking at the screen.

Face Pause can be useful when:

• Playing is your favorite game.
• Watching YouTube videos.
• Watching Movies / Series.
• Listening to Music.

Face Pause also includes the following features:

• Fast App Launcher - Easily Launch Your Favorite Apps directly and conveniently from the FacePause app!
• Screen Standby Customization - Select the color of the screen when the screen is paused.
• Power saving mode - manually turn on the screen and turn it off.
• Rear-view camera face detection - Control of the rear view camera using face detection.
• Face Detection Frequency - How To Specify How Often The Camera Should Be Checked.
• Display Menu - Select a Display Menu when the screen is paused and you have access to the App Download click

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Wednesday, 3 July 2019


July 03, 2019

YouTube Vanced is a Youtube client that lets you use this popular video platform along with streaming some additional features. It is important to keep in mind that these additional features do not include downloading videos.

The most interesting part about YouTube Vanced is that it lets you listen to your videos in the background, even when you turn off your smartphone's screen. That way, you can easily listen to music and even use Youtube to listen to podcasts at any moment.

Another cool feature of YouTube Vanced is that it lets you block all the ads in the videos. Of course, you can activate and deactivate that option at any moment but by default.

YouTube Vanced is an alternative Youtube client that lets you listen to videos in the background, block ads, force resolutions, use the video repeat option and much more. All of that is from the original Client Identical to the original client. Click here

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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Tik tok tricks

July 02, 2019

TikTok is not a short-form mobile video for your usual destination. It's raw, real, and without boundaries — are you brushing your teeth at  a.m. or you're making breakfast att's from the gut, 'come as you are' storytelling told in 15 seconds. With TikTok life's more fun when you live in the moment and explore beyond.

Selected Watch more videos selected for you
A personalized video feed for you based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok will soon adapt to your taste and see the most relevant, interesting, fun, quirky, head-turning videos that never stop.

■ Get Entertained and Inspired by Creators of a Global Community
The creators of Millions are TikTok showcasing their incredible talents, precious moments, and knowledge. Let yourself be inspired.

■ Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Food, Sports, DIY, Animals, and Everything in between. Discover videos from endless click here

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Monday, 1 July 2019

Find Atm bank

July 01, 2019

Find ATM, Bank, Gas, Café, Wi-Fi or virtually anything around you!

Find Near Me just got more personal. Wear Your Android Wear Now!

Find ATM, Bank, Gas Station, Restaurant, Bar, Café, Hospital, Hotel, Taxi, Movie Theater, Beauty Salon, Wi-Fi Spots or virtually anything near you.

How many times have you had a need to find a gas station in the middle of a trip or locate the nearest ATM around you, in which city are you new? Here are just a few taps to help you find and do more.

Find Near Me is highly customizable - it allows you to add and save your own search terms for future use.

With this GPS locator app you can also search the globe and add them to their favorite search locations. So if you are planning a trip abroad and want to find restaurants, hotels, taxi services or just about anything you can do with this app easily.

• Automatically finds your current location and plots it on a map.
• Provision to include custom search terms.
• Displays details such as address, phone numbers, distance from current location, etc. app for results from within.
• Places of interest for usable on-the-go search.
• Provision other locations and add them to your Search Locations.
• Supports both portrait and landscape screen orientations.
• Displays detailed information such as Ratings, Reviews, Opening Hours and Photos.

• Customize the distance units (kms / miles), map types and how the search results are displayed

So, the next time you are looking for the nearest gas station, restaurants, cafes or hotels nearby; Banks or ATMs around you, or that popular theater, you know what to do! Get Find Near Me, Your Personal Trip Advisor Now and Find Anything and Everything Near and Around You!

Using Near Me Me Google Maps Places and Places API to find and plot locations and thus relays the accuracy of the data provided by Google Maps  The developer makes no guarantee on accuracy, relevancy or correctness of the data provided.
Google ™ and Google Maps registered are registered trademarks Download click here

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Game modeing

July 01, 2019

The only gaming mode app you'll ever need to enhance your gaming experience.

The one and only Gaming Mode app on PlayStore which comes with a nifty set of features to enhance your gaming experience. Configure it once and Gaming Mode will automatically restore you.

How does it work
You can configure various settings that will automatically apply when the game starts. You can configure these settings globally or on a per-game basis. Gaming Mode also remembers your existing device settings and restores them after your gameplay session once you close the service from the notification panel. Now you have no need to fiddle around with your device settings every gameplay session.

What all features does it configure automatically?
✓ Auto Reject Incoming Calls.
✓ Block notifications.
✓ Clear Background Apps to Free Up RAM & Boost Performance.
✓ Disable auto brightness & set it to your desired level.
✓ Change WiFi state.
✓ Change Ringtone & Media Volume.
✓ Create Widgets from your device home screen directly.
✓ Enable Auto Mode that automatically detects game / app and applies configured settings and reverts it back to original after exiting the game / app.
No Notification Blocking from Whitelist Apps.
Background Background from Whitelist Applications to Cleari Download click here

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Fast laucher

July 01, 2019
Fast launch your favorite apps anywhere.
Floating ToolBox is your favorite apps for launching floating launcher for application provider.

✔ Add more 5 apps
✔ Drag the Toolbox icon anywhere on screen.
✔ Change Toolbox size.
Boot Start on Boot
✔ Custom sort app item direct on ToolBox.
✔ Change Color ToolBox
✔ Change floating icon ToolBox (custom icon which you want)
✔ Support Animation when open ToolBox
✔ Change the transparent floating icon
✔ Change floating icon color

[Guide User]
✔ Enable ToolBox to use.
✔ Select Apps to Add Toolbox.
Hide Long Press Floating ToolBox to Hide icon and then you can tap into Notification to show it again
✔ Double Tap Floating ToolBox Open Recent Task.
✔ Move Floating icon to anywhere on the screen
✔ Press and hold app item on ToolBox to custom sort.

✔ When the application is killed. Please wait for a few seconds to start the application again and you can use it.
✔ To keep service (ToolBox will not disappear) when the app is killed. You can check the feature "Show notification" setting default. Download click here

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Flashlight gallery

July 01, 2019

Flashlight Gallery Vault - Gallery Lock

FlashLight Gallery Vault - Hide Photos & Videos

FlashLight Gallery Vault is a Secret Gallery Vault. In this app front end you can see torch but behind the torch you can hide your gallery photos and videos. FlashLight Gallery Vault is a gallery locker and lock your secret photos and videos.

FlashLight Gallery Vault is a unique gallery vault with its american features such as First Screen Other Useful as a Torch but you can only know that this is a vault and you can hide behind photos and videos.

Everybody thinks that this is the only Torch app but only you know that this is the Torch behind a Gallery Vault.

Secret Torch and Gallery Vault with The Best Gallery Locker app.

FlashLight Gallery Vault is also known as Torch Gallery Vault.

Safe and Secure Gallery vault with amezing features:

- Torch + Gallery vault
- Secret Vault
- Hide Images.Videos, Audios, Notes.
- FingerPrint Lock
- Passcode Recovery (Email & Quetions)
- Other user for Fake Passcode
- Safe and Secure Gallery vault


• Camera: This Permission Is For Use To Turn On / Off Your LED FlashLight.

• Use FingerPrint: This Permission is for Unlock vault with your FingerPrint.

• Read / Write Storage Permission: This Permission is for use to hide and unhide files to storage.

• Internet Permission: This permission is for use in display ads. Download click here

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Multi note

July 01, 2019

Multi-Copy Smart Clipboard Manager App To Help Multi Copy And Paste Easily

A multi-platform Clipboard Manager App that is designed to make users the ultimate organizer of copy, paste and keeping important notes on smartphones that never simplify.

Problem: You can't copy multiple phrases in any smartphone. You can only copy and keep one phrase at a time. It is also time consuming to type everything (Name, Email, Address .... etc) again and again when you need it.

Solution: Use Smart Multi Clipboard Manager which lets you copy any number of phrases, keep them in stock so you can use them anytime soon. The Notes feature lets you write and save any detail so you can paste anytime later.

Why Multi-Platform?
Use this app on Smartphones, Tablets because these synchronises and keeps the same content on all devices where you can copy and access the web application using the computer. Download click here

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Saturday, 29 June 2019

WhatsApp 2.19.348 (GBWhatsApp) + WhatsApp Plus Apk

June 29, 2019
GBWhatsApp 2.19.348 [September] [Latest Version

GBWhatsApp has a video call feature and many privacy feature available in the latest update for GBWhatsApp Plus you can use two apps (accounts) of the same device and More themes, increasing the number of letters in status, and the possibility to hide notifications, and send e-books. And you can set password for chats and WhatsApp Plus

Many of the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus users, After downloading GBWhatsApp for Android, they were very happy to use two apps on the same phone or tablet, and becuse many distinctive options such as hide last seen - hide online status when you use WhatsApp Plus, Your friends may be surprised when you use 2 GBWhatsApp (accounts same android device, We have modified properties in the app and its settings, and add the features you are looking for.

New Base Updated to 2.18.210
Delete All Ads From GBWhatsApp
Delete All Pop-up From GBWhatsApp (Follow Us On Facebook - Follow Us On Twitter)
Add Push Notifications For Our Site To Get Latest Important News And Updates About Our Apps
Exclusive Know Which Messages Are Deleted Anytime you want (Go to Contact / Group Profile and Click on Revoked Messages)
Enabled Media Visibility (Go to Profile - Media Visibility)
Enabled Mark as Read in Notification
Enabled Select All Chats on Main Screen
Removed Seperate App for Themes
Removed Mod 6.8 as Old
Fixed Header Vibration for Hide Chats
Fixed Revoke Notification not showing in Few Devices
Fixed Apply Themes in Some Devices
Fixed Web Search
Fixed Backup & Restore (Mod 6.7)
Fixed Share and Send Theme
Updated Italian and Portuguese Language
Many Other Fixes
GP Whatsapp

GBWhatsApp Privacy

GBWhatsApp has come with many of the privacy features, which provide comfort to the user, where you can control everything in GBWhatsApp like:

Hide Online Status: You can hide the online status and use GBWhatsApp freely, and show to everyone offline (not connected)

Hide Blue Ticks: You can hide blue ticks for contacts and group, when you read the massege

Hide Second Tick: You can hide second ticks for contacts and group, when you deliver the massege

Hide Writing Tick: You can hide a Tick for contacts and group, when you typing a message

Hide Recording Status: You can hide recording Status for contacts and group, when you recording voice

Hide Blue Microphone: You can hide Blue Micro phone for contacts and group, when you open voice

Hide View Status: You can view view status for contacts (your name will not appear if you have seen the status) Download

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