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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Fake Low Battery

May 30, 2019

Fake Low Battery. Trick your kids to think your battery is dead

Fake Low Battery is a small app that is trick to convince your kids that your phone has a low battery state

So many times your kids take your phone and return it to you only to find out the battery is dead

Now you can trick them :)

After The App is started it will start to pop up the "low battery" dialogs

You have the following 3 configurations:
1. The number of seconds to wait before showing the "low battery" dialog for the first time
2. The number of seconds to wait between each "Nag"
3. The "Low Battery" dialog appears
4. If the app will issue fake "low battery" warnings or it will issue fake "incoming calls"

1. Once you hit the App will disappear (until the "Low Battery" dialog appears for the first time)
You can stop the service by re-opening the application

2. The free app has google ads, to remove them you can buy using In-App click here
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May 30, 2019

(Prank App) Simulated cracked and broken screen to friends.

Be noted:
Broken Screen is just a prank / simulated app used for fun, it simulates the broken screen to play with your friends. It will not hurt your phone.

Broken Screen Prank is a classic funny app used to prank your friends. When you touch your phone screen, the app simulates the cracked screen and loud cracking sounds on your phone. It looks like you use your finger to break and crack your phone. The broken effect is so realistic that all your friends will believe that your phone was broken and they will be scared.

App Feature:
✔ Realistic crack wallpaper and breaking glass sound.
✔ Crack your screen by touching or shaking.
✔ Destroy your phone screen by the screen and electric screen.

Recent changes:
Enable to remove crack effect by clicking the notification;
Support Android SDK Version 25;
Improve user experience; click here

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Jam your mobile

May 30, 2019

Jam your mobile screen and safe from Children

Screen jammer locker plus
Jam your mobile screen and safe from Children

How its Work
- Go to App and select Activate
- Click on appear notification.

Used Power ON / OFF button to deal with calls when the screen jammer application is active.

Unique Feature
We only made this app for children because children require that screen is ON. So this is very helpful for this purpose.


If you have a problem, please send me an email instead of leaving a negative comment. Download click
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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Whatsapp voice tricks

May 29, 2019

Convert your WhatsApp voice notes to text
Have you ever been receiving voice messages from WhatsApp and not being able to listen at that time? Now you can convert them to text and know what your friends communicate, even when the situation does not allow. All this thanks to Transcriber, without time limits.
Voice to text application is a very useful application while using,
Whatsapp, fb messenger, Gmail, and Bluetooth. Whatever we will speak, it will
convert your voice into text from any language.
example: when we use any chatting app for a long time.
Then our hands start pain, Sometimes it happens with us, and we can not type message further too much. So when you are using
Features: Voice to text
voice to text, then you do not need to type anything in your mobile phones.
1.Just download this app and speak whatever message you want to send, it will write for you. so Start working smartly.

2.Sometimes we have to write a long email, at that time we do not need to type for emailing.
just talk whatever you want to write, this app will auto-write everything in your email.
3. You can also share any text by Bluetooth through this app.
4. You can also use this app with fb messenger, in fb you do not need to write anything
to type a message. just speak your message, it will write everything for you.
5. You can also check its message in multiple languages ​​while chatting.
Thank you. Download

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Monday, 27 May 2019

StealthTap Keyboard

May 27, 2019

StealthTap Keyboard is one of a kind keyboard app that allows you to lock all the messages you send from your mobile. You can use StealthTap Keyboard for any application to be WhatsApp, KIK, iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Hangouts. All you need is to replace the keyboard on your phone with StealthTap Keyboard.

Worried that intimate messages from your partner will be shown on the notice for anyone to see?

Worried to give your phone for few minutes to your friends / family as they may get to know your personal messages?

Switching to a new messenger app to send a private message is a "pain" as your network of friends and family may not be available on that messenger app

Worry no more, get StealthTap Keyboard to send private messages in any messenger

StealthTap Keyboard is an awesome app for all the young millennials that love and respect their own privacy.

Using StealthTap Keyboard:
1. You can lock a message that you typed by lock icon.
2. You can unlock a message by copying the locked message & clicking unlock icon.
3. You can set a PIN, so that when unlock icon is clicked StealthTap Keyboard prompts for PIN to restrict others from reading the received message.

StealthTap Keyboard supports following languages:

To switch languages, press the Comma key and select Settings Key

StealthTap keyboard uses ultra secure and virtually un-hackable AES-128 encryption to lock your messages

Download: - Click

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

App Lock pro

May 23, 2019

📱: Photo Locker Pro
🆚 : 1.19 | 🅿️ : Pro
⭕ Apps locker & vaults is one of the best Android lock app with privacy guard, the best app locker with password & pattern lock screen, an amazing apps lock that provide high secure features.
AppLock fingerprint is one of the best Android lock app with password & pattern lock screen, a smart applock that provides high secure features in the one app.

This is the super applock that will protect your privacy & give phone protection.
Privacy Your note, call, sms, email, settings ..., all the privacy guard for you to ensure your phone security and keep your privacy safe.
With App lock security protection, your privacy is protected with lock screen & pattern lock screen
AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, ... .. Ensure personal & phone security.
AppLock can hide images and hide videos. Hidden pictures and videos are gone from photo and video vault. .
App lock has option to enable invisible pattern lock. No more worry people may pin the pin or pattern. Keep safe!

With this secret app lock, its also a cool child lock to protect your children from.

The app is the perfect app lock that help you keep your personal security, make protection app from everyone.

--- Features ---
- Fingerprint lock, fingerprint password supported
- Lock apps with a password, pattern password safe with anyone
- The vault: private gallery vault, private photo vault help to hide and hide videos.
- with the image of the vault & gallery lock
- LOT of beautiful password lock themes, pattern lock screen themes
- Customized lock screen for the app, make the privacy screen with style you want
- App block settings automatically after first screen, help to prevent someone uninstall app
- Protect your emails, SMS, call log
- Three securities private mode: lock apps with password lock, pattern lock or DIY. The keypad lock screen with passcode, DIY help you make yourself keypad lock screen, using lock screen using your photo on the gallery
- Option to make invisible pattern on unlock screen, while you are unlocking. More safe!
- Easily to lock phone apps, unlock phone apps easily from an app list by one click
- Explorer more apps and the locker themes from the "More apps" feature.
- Password manager: Change password type passcode, pattern, DIY and reset password

Available very soon:
- Data security: Delete app data when someone login fails so many times (probably not you)
- Option to hide apps from the phone and open it in the app locker app.
- Better kids lock: Kids lock only allow kids to play with them like video, music
In order to keep your fingerprint password, you must setup your fingerprint lock first on phone settings. When this is ON, the fingerprint lock screen will be enabled at unlock screen, otherwise it will replace the lock or password for Download

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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Video call

May 19, 2019

Fake Ronaldo Video Call is an app created only for joking no more

Fake Ronaldo Video Call app is a simulate a fake video call to make your friends feel surprised that the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo Calling you


✔ Easy To Use
✔Select a fake call.
✔Switch front / back camera
✔ Simulate Fake video calling screen as real.
✔ Select pic or video caller from your gallery
✔ You can change caller name and Number
✔ Share app with your friends

Note: Fake Ronaldo Video Call is only created by joking no more, the app does not bear any harm and is only for ! Click here

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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Block site

May 16, 2019

Block Site Helps focus and detox by blocking distracting sites and apps.

Wasting all your productive hours on social apps? Checking out your news feed instead of listening in class? Does the digital world make you feel under pressure? Maybe you want to unplug for a while? Either way, BlockSite helps you increase productivity and stay focused when it's most important. The concept is simple: you need to block, and schedule some times when you need to stay focused!

Breaking habits is not easy, but BlockSite is here to help.

★ Block Distracting Sites - BlockSite blocks any URL you wish, help you keep your concentration!
★ Block Distracting Apps - Block apps that eat up your time. If you accidently click on a blocked app icon, BlockSite has your back!
★ Block Adult Sites - With a built-in porn blocker, BlockSite will block all known adult sites at the click of a button.
★ Scheduled or Permanent Blocking - You've chosen what to block, now control when it's blocked and when (or if) you have access.
★ Password Protection
Lock the BlockSite app and unblock sites and apps by choosing a pattern or passcode to make sure your account is protected!
★ Sync between Desktop and Mobile
You can now sync BlockSite on mobile and desktop! Make sure all your blocked sites and apps are aligned between your devices. Supported on Google Chrome and Android mobile devices only yo.
★ Work Mode
Stay super productive and block distracting sites while you're in the zone. On the BlockSite app you can customize work mode with whatever time frames you want! Longer working time, shorter breaks? You got it!

BlockSite is a cross-browser website blocker that empowers you to avoid procrastination and stay focused. Limit apps and increase productivity by removing distractions from your life!

Let's face it, social media, games, and content discovery apps are distracting - they're basically procrastination apps and keep you from staying unplugged. BlockSite is the # 1 focus app to help you limit these apps and stay focused. Simply list which install apps you block and BlockSite will prevent them from opening!

Block porn sites with the click of a button - simply toggle the "Block Adult Websites" switch to "on" and the porn blocker is activated. No mental effort or discipline required!

There's a time and a place for everything. Schedule Which days and times certain apps and sites are available to you. It's hard to be disciplined with your own device, so BlockSite makes it easy for you! Click here
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Sunday, 12 May 2019


May 12, 2019

Turn your image into amazing videos. Video Status Maker!

#Boo is an app that lets you turn your images into amazing videos within seconds. If you ever wanted to impress your friends with the amazing short videos then you can easily find the video template of your choice and create your choice of videos. You can easily create Birthday Video Status, Anniversary Video Status, Magical Video Status, Lyrical Video Status, MV Video Status and many other awesome videos.

🎥 Number of amazing video templates!
🎥 Magical, anniversary, birthday, lyrical and festival special videos!
🎥 Add your own images!
🎥 Preview and Export videos!
🎥 Easy to Save and Share icons!

🎥 Browse video templates and select the one you like!
🎥 Select your favorite images!
🎥 Click on EXPORT
🎥 You are done! Download

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