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Saturday, 29 June 2019

WhatsApp 2.19.348 (GBWhatsApp) + WhatsApp Plus Apk

June 29, 2019
GBWhatsApp 2.19.348 [September] [Latest Version

GBWhatsApp has a video call feature and many privacy feature available in the latest update for GBWhatsApp Plus you can use two apps (accounts) of the same device and More themes, increasing the number of letters in status, and the possibility to hide notifications, and send e-books. And you can set password for chats and WhatsApp Plus

Many of the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus users, After downloading GBWhatsApp for Android, they were very happy to use two apps on the same phone or tablet, and becuse many distinctive options such as hide last seen - hide online status when you use WhatsApp Plus, Your friends may be surprised when you use 2 GBWhatsApp (accounts same android device, We have modified properties in the app and its settings, and add the features you are looking for.

New Base Updated to 2.18.210
Delete All Ads From GBWhatsApp
Delete All Pop-up From GBWhatsApp (Follow Us On Facebook - Follow Us On Twitter)
Add Push Notifications For Our Site To Get Latest Important News And Updates About Our Apps
Exclusive Know Which Messages Are Deleted Anytime you want (Go to Contact / Group Profile and Click on Revoked Messages)
Enabled Media Visibility (Go to Profile - Media Visibility)
Enabled Mark as Read in Notification
Enabled Select All Chats on Main Screen
Removed Seperate App for Themes
Removed Mod 6.8 as Old
Fixed Header Vibration for Hide Chats
Fixed Revoke Notification not showing in Few Devices
Fixed Apply Themes in Some Devices
Fixed Web Search
Fixed Backup & Restore (Mod 6.7)
Fixed Share and Send Theme
Updated Italian and Portuguese Language
Many Other Fixes
GP Whatsapp

GBWhatsApp Privacy

GBWhatsApp has come with many of the privacy features, which provide comfort to the user, where you can control everything in GBWhatsApp like:

Hide Online Status: You can hide the online status and use GBWhatsApp freely, and show to everyone offline (not connected)

Hide Blue Ticks: You can hide blue ticks for contacts and group, when you read the massege

Hide Second Tick: You can hide second ticks for contacts and group, when you deliver the massege

Hide Writing Tick: You can hide a Tick for contacts and group, when you typing a message

Hide Recording Status: You can hide recording Status for contacts and group, when you recording voice

Hide Blue Microphone: You can hide Blue Micro phone for contacts and group, when you open voice

Hide View Status: You can view view status for contacts (your name will not appear if you have seen the status) Download

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Snake game

June 29, 2019

Snake Xenzia on feature phone. Snake retro rewind with Feel the Past

The classic Snake game is very famous in many years, especially in feature phones. The Snake original was invented many years ago (1974) by a Russian developer and then became the most played arcade game on mobile. It is also called "yılan"

The 1110i is my very 1st mobile phone and in my mind. From 1997 to 2006 and many years later, I and my generation were crazy playing Snake Xenzia on that dumb phone 1110i.

That time, the Snake Xenzia Classic was a storm that infused a new wave into our high school. Everyone has a 1110i played Snake Xenzia, they have a higher score, they try to break the record, and they have fun. Snake Xenzia is a great memory of our life, a rewind purpose.

One day, I and my friends will be talking about the mobile game and of course, Snake Xenzia on 1110i is top of mind. So, I decided to remake Snake Xenzia Rewind to the very 1st mobile game experience with our rewind youth.

Feature phone, Snake Xenzia Rewind - The Snake retro version that has an antique screen with physics keyboard, LED screen display and the same gameplay (with 2468 buttons). The difference between the old Snake Xenzia and Snake Retro Classic is that you are now on a touch-screen.

In this new version 2.0 of Snake 2K Classic, we add 8 bit sound, ranking, setting option to remove Ads and especially the Box mode beside Classic mode. The other mode: Rails, Mills, Apartment, Tunnel only integrated Pro version of Snake 97 Classic retro phone.

Let’s experience Snake Retro Rewind with a present in the past
Best Regards from Vietnam,
HALA team,
What's new?
Now, you are world ranked. You have the sound and 2 modes to play!

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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Whatsapp emoj

June 27, 2019

Memoji is application create emoji from your face

Memoji is application create emoji from your face.

Are you bored with the usual emoji icons? Do you want to create an emoji of your own style? Only you have it Memoji will help you do that.

You just open the app then open the camera and take a photo of your face, or select the available face picture in the device. Memoji will detect your face in the photo, you will have many emoji face template to choose from. Your job is to choose an emoji face template and edit it accordingly. Then select the button to start the emoji face. Memoji has a lot of emoji accessories for you like: emoji eyes, emoji mouth, emoji beard, emoji glasses… Let's design the emoji face the way you like. Memoji is very easy and i bet you like it.

Memoji: Create emoji from your face app:
-Take a picture of your face or choose a picture from your phone
-Select the emoji face template and edit as you like
-Create emoji emoji face with many different accessories
-Save the emoji face that you have designed and shared on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter,…
-Review The emoji face you created in the emoji collection
You can create more emoji faces by clicking on the Add button (+)

You can also take a picture of a friend's face and make a funny emoji to tease them. =))
Please share this with beautiful emoji.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

How to change icon

June 26, 2019

App clone
Apakah Anda memiliki banyak akun untuk Pesan, lelah masuk dan keluar untuk menerima pesan berbeda?
Apakah Anda memiliki akun multi game, ingin semuanya online untuk mendapatkan banyak pengalaman?
Apakah Anda memiliki akun sosial ganda untuk pekerjaan dan kehidupan pribadi, ingin mereka paralel?

Sekarang Cloner App dibuat untuk memenuhi impian Anda!
"App Cloner" dirancang untuk pengguna yang log in lebih dari multi account Satu Aplikasi dengan hanya Satu Telepon, sedangkan data akun utama anda dan akun lainnya berada dalam penyimpanan paralel dan terpisah.

★ Satu aplikasi, Semua pesan:
Kami mendukung sebagian besar Pesan Instan. Beberapa akun dapat bekerja secara bersamaan pada satu perangkat, menghubungkan teman yang berbeda dan berbagi informasi paralel.
★ Beberapa Pengalaman Game:
Anda dapat membuka akun multi game untuk Google Play dan mendapatkan pengalaman untuk kedua akun sekaligus! Kami sekarang mendukung 99% permainan papan atas!
★ Cepat Beralih antar Antarmuka
★ Privasi dan Keamanan

- UI yang ditingkatkan versinya, pemberitahuan yang jelas untuk membantu Anda beralih cepat antara multi akun.
- Fungsi Paralel, penyimpanan terpisah, nol konflik!
- CPU kecil dan rendah mengkonsumsi.

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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Secure your phone

June 23, 2019

Secure your camera, microphone and location best anti hack and anti spyware tool
1. UI of changing some parts
2. Change app icon
3. The adding camera and microphone events section
4. android 8+ with devices for fixing problem
5. adding some new languages
6. The bugs are fixed
About Anti Spy
Don't let anyone hack you and watch you too much.
If you always feel like someone is watching you and someone is spying on you. If you have some private moments and you want to disable your device cam or mic this app is perfect for you.
You can block your camera, block your microphone and block your location and no app can use them too much!
Or even spy apps to try and use your camera or microphone, you can notify. Just like that tiny light next to your laptop camera.

1. You can block your camera.
2. You can block your microphone.
3. This app will alert you when the camera is being used.
4. This app will alert you when the microphone is being used.
5. Create fake location.
6. Get alert when the camera or microphone is on and the screen is off, by notification LED.
7. You can see all apps with camera, microphone and location access and you can remove them if you think it's spy app
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. (This permission allows app to disable your camera.) Download click
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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Spy app

June 22, 2019

Is anybody spying on you? This App Can Find All Spy Apps On Your Device.

SpyWare Detection and Removal. Is anybody spying on you? This Spy App Detector Can Find All Potential Spy Apps On Your Device. Extremely easy to use.

Spy Apps Of All Sorts From Protect Yourself.

This App Can Find All Your Spy Apps On Your Device, Not Only The Well Known Spy Apps Like mSpy, etc, But Also Apps Made For Other Purpose, But It Can Be Used By Spy On You , Spouse and Boss. In addition to the "Official" Spy Apps, those that are used by Governments and Law Enforcement Agencies.

"Anti-Spy" is a SpyWare Detector which can be checked as soon as you can, and stops to help you. Also called AntiSpyWare or Malware Protection. Everybody should have one installed.

Anyone who has (or had) access to your device can easily install a spyware software / app to monitor your location, your calls, contacts and your SMS messages. It may even take Secret Audio Recordings, Pictures and Videos of you. SMSs, Call Lists, Pictures, Videos and Other Files can be sent from your device to some unknown receiver - without knowing anything about it.

"Anti-Spy" is an App that can recognize Real Spy Apps on your device, so that you can stop and / or uninstall it. It is extremely easy to use. Just touch the "Scan Now" button to start searching Spy Apps.

Use "Relaxed Scan Criteria" to find other / additional apps - which MAY have the potential to spy on - but which are probably not.

This Spy Detector is capable of detecting more Potential Spy Apps on your device than most other similar apps.

Some Spy Apps are extremely well hidden, and hard to find and get rid of. "Anti-Spy" will help you Detect and Uninstall them.

Some of the more well known Mobile Spy Apps boast that their apps are "Undetectable". Well, that may not be true if you have "Anti Spy" installed on your phone / tablet.

If someone has borrowed / used your phone / tablet, use "Anti Spy" and check if your device is still clean.

Someone may have some SpyWare installed on your device, which makes it possible for them to spy on you. This is your spouse, your boy / girl-friend, your boss, a colleague, your parents or children, this free app and make a simple scan to detect any Suspicious (Potential Spy) Apps.

There are lots of apps that may be used to spy on you.

In addition to the obvious Spy Apps, here are some examples of Types of Apps:

- Some Anti Theft Apps
- Some Security & Anti Virus Apps (with Anti Theft Feature)
- Some SMS BackUp Apps
- Some Camera and / or Mic Recording Apps
- Some Call Recording Apps
- Some Parental Control Apps
- Some Baby Monitoring Apps
- Some Gps Trackers And Fleet Management Apps


- Detect all Potential Spy Apps on your device
- Also Hidden and Stopped Spy Apps are detected
- Use Relaxed Detection Criteria to Find Other Potential (Less Possible) Spy Apps
- Find suspicious apps that are installed from an UNKNOWN source
- Detect Active Device Administrator Apps
- Optional Checking of System Apps
- Whitelisting (Remove Safe / Trusted Apps from List of Potential Spy Apps)
- Remove / Uninstall unwanted apps
- Extremely Fast Spy App Search Engine

"Potential Spy Apps" may not be as good as SpyWare, but they have the POTENTIAL. (We consider it better to list ten apps which are not true Spy Apps, but rather one that is missing.) If you find an App which you think SHOULD have listed (but which NOT), please send us an email we can Download
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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Whatsapp chat lock

June 20, 2019

Whats Chat App for Locker is a digital lock for WhatsApp chat (s) and the app.

You can easily secure your private and group WhatsApp chat (s) and maintain a PIN using their privacy. The best part is, it can not only lock chats, but it also has the ability to secure the entire app using a single PIN.


★ Free for use (without any limitations)
★ Best WhatsApp for locking app
★ Hide your personal chats from others
★ Uses very little space and resources
★ Intuitive design and easy-to-use interface
★ Minimum permissions required

How to use the app:

- Download and install the app on your Android device.
- Whats Chat App app for Locker on Tapping by Launch the app.
- Create a four-digit PIN and re-confirm the same. (The password is common for your chats and WhatsApp application.)
- Next, provide a recovery e-mail address, retrieve your password in case you forget it.
- Grant accessibility permissions to the app using startups.
- Now, tap on the + + icon to add the chat to your need.

This app is unique and very useful as it focuses on your privacy and security. By tapping on the + icon icon, you can add a PIN of your choice to your private chats and stop worrying about them being accessed by others when your Android device is left unlocked. Concealing your private data is as easy as 1-2-3 with Whats Chat App for Locker. Download

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Call Record app

June 20, 2019

Record My Call has a basic purpose: record all your call (incoming and outgoing). Please note that the Android phone (hardware and software), this program can only record from microphone. Please turn to the other side of the clear voice to get to the conversation during the loudspeaker. All conversions are recorded under file “RecordMyCall” file in memory card. Please call the speaker to get a better record quality time.

• Please check 'Show Notification' or disable 'Hide Mode' if your call is split into a couple files.
• Please enter your passcode with format **** on dialer app. This code will open the application RMC when you choose hide mode. You can uninstall and re-install the application to reset the password. It won't delete your recording, but you need to setup the application again.

• Record all incoming and outgoing call automatic and manual mode
• Movable manual record button
• Support two folders to keep the recordings (unsorted and important)
• Advance search with many option to find recordings
• Automatic filter recording based on 'Known number', 'Unknown number', and selected contacts (incoming / outgoing call)
• Advance rename recording files
• Show / hide recording notification
• Auto delete recording if not reached some time (optional)
• Call after show review (optional)
• Support mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp and wav audio format
• Customable channel (mono / stereo), sample rate, and bitrate
• Gain volume (multiply audio input) with mp3 format
• Auto cleanup unsorted recordings for some time (optional)
• Avoid accidental deletion to support trash folder

• Auto delete trash frequently
• Change recording home folder
• Backup and restore setting
• Support 4 digit passcode
• Totally hide application (seamless recording)
• Play home button while pressing the Play Home button.
• Automatic upload to Dropbox or / and Google Drive in the background

Currently the app does not work on some phones. Please go to my website for phone compatibility (http://nathanielkh.blogspot.com/2012/09/compatibility-phones.html) before installing it. You can also download the apk from the same website if the Android Market does not provide the link.

• Read Phone Status: Detect incoming + outgoing call
• Record Audio: Record call
• Read Contacts: Filtering contact (which is not recorded or not) + contact name based on Renaming file
• Read / Write Storage: Store recording files on USB storage or SD-card
• Google Account: Backup for Upload Recordings to Google Drive
• Internet Connection: Upload recordings to

Google Drive + Dropbox for backup
• Bluetooth: Different action if phone connected to Bluetooth
• Sleeping From Prevent: Long Call For Prevent Fail Recording
• Change Audio Setting: Option by Loudspeaker on Turn Download click
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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Whatsapp online track

June 19, 2019

Whatsapp online / offline report and notification ...

Get your children or relatives for online information. You can track and protect your children's social media usage. With parental control you can see when it is active in the application.

With the application you can receive instant notifications or turn off the report at the end of the day.

- Free trial
- Weekly advantageous packages
- Get unlimited notifications
- User profile and about statistics
- Instant membership cancellation

Now Track WhatsApp Usage Using This App And Also Track Your Phone's Other Installed App Usage. WhatsApp Online Tracker Help Number Of Application Track Free, How To Know The Time Of Each Application Installed On Your Device.
Whats Online Tracker is also an app for over-use reminder. DOWNLOAD CLICK.
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Android eraser

June 19, 2019

The data eraser app for android
Today, it's easy to recover from deleted data. Capitalize includes private notes, internet history, passwords, address and contacts book, photos, videos, calendars, and more. Before you sell an Android device, you will need to make sure that all personal data has been wiped securely, without any chance of recovery.

Be sure that the data has been validated using certified erasing methods and cannot be recovered.

Warning: Data CANNOT be recovered that you have wiped with cb Android Eraser.

Notice: This is a free app and totally ad-free. It contains all the secure deletion algorithms and a variety of great functions. However, the app can only delete 10mb of data per day in the free version (limitation without freespace erase). Please support our development with a premium in-app purchase to unlock all features. THANK YOU.

 Five Certified Data Shredding Algorithms
Easy witSecurely shred files & folders
File Explorer Integration With Easy Access And Erasure Of Data
All Photos (or specific ones via the File Explorer)
Wipe the empty freespace (internal and external) of your device
Your external sd card on All Dataecurely wipe all contacts (Contact Book), clipboard and more
European Privacy Legislation (GDPR)
Audit Erasure Reports
Empty folders of Secure Erasure
Cb innovations by german in love with Handmade

How it works?
It takes just a few simple steps to securely wipe data such as files, folders, photos, and whatever it may be using patented data shredding standards, making it impossible to recover any deleted files.

Free space wiping
When you delete any kind of file, the Android operation system just removes the data to that reference, but it actually deletes it. It is simply marked as free so that another file can come and use those blocks.

With the cb Android Eraser app you can overwrite the empty and unused disk space so that the data - you have manually deleted it over time - cannot be recovered.

Highest Erasure Standards
cb Android Eraser is not only made in Germany - a country with the highest data protection standards and laws - the app comes with secure erasing methods such as the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) standard, the German BSI-2011- VS and German BSI TL-03423 as well as the Canadian CSEC ITSG-06 and a quick, secure and simple method 0x00 with one round to wipe your data with zeros.

cb Android Eraser securely shreds data leaving them irrecoverable and offers a digital signature report with a detailed audit deletion report.
About cb innovations:
cb Innovations is a German company - based in Baden-Baden - that publishes luxurious mobile products and high-exclusive accessories. With more than 300,000 customers in 101 countries, our business model is based on innovation and innovation from a technological advancement and great design.

Being a creative pioneer in our field, we marry advanced technology with beautiful design.
Great design for the character and passion for reflecting on our Download click
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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Empty folder

June 18, 2019

Your file manager in empty folders with annoyed loads? Use this app.

Key Features
1) Multiple options to delete empty folders
2) Delete empty folders from internal storage (No root required)
3) Delete empty folders from external storage / memory card (Root required for this feature only)
4) No advertisement
5) The user entered directory in the empty folders for scan

With one click all empty folders will be deleted.

Options to delete empty folders
1) Show progress - get the progress of which file is checked for empty folders
2) Log deleted empty folders - get the list of all empty folders deleted
3) Scan ANDROID created folders - will not delete empty folders from the directories / Android / data, / Android / obb, /LOST.DIR, / DCIM

NOTE: Folders with ".nomedia" and other hidden files will not be deleted as they may be required by the system or the app created by it. Developer is not responsible for any problem created by this application. You use the application at your own risk.COLLAPSE

Download: - Click

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Split screen

June 18, 2019

Split screen app shortcuts
Create app shortcuts on the homescreen to launch two apps directly in split screen mode.
Split Screen Launcher uses the Android Accessibility API to trigger the split screen mode.
The app is completely free and open source on GitHub.
Do you have two accounts for instant messaging applications, tired to log in and out to receive double messages form your dual account?
Do you have double game accounts, want to keep them simultaneously online, get dual function and double experience?
Do you have two jobs for social work, double experience your entertainment time?

As one of the top-ranked tools on Android, Parallel Space helps more than 90 million users log multiple accounts simultaneously online using the same device. Also, the Parallel Space Lite will provide you with a high speed virtual system to simulate your performance.

 languages, and compatible with most instant messaging apps, game apps and social networking apps. Get Parallel Space Immediately manage multiple accounts, protect privacy, and enjoy your dual app.
Download android app  click here

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Monday, 17 June 2019

ICC world cup live

June 17, 2019

The ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019 for the must-have official tournament app!

The ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019 for the must-have official tournament app! Do not miss a moment of the action as we bring you news, in game clips, video highlights, exclusive stories, making this one one stop destination for one-day cricket's premier event.

Offering a mix of news, previews, highlights, interviews and press conferences, our insider access makes this an exclusive platform for you to get your favourite players and teams better than ever. Support your team by hitting the favourite button on the app and getting instant updates to personalize your experience.

If a trivia nut, head over to the quiz section to test your knowledge. For the nostalgic, the Greatest Moments allow you to not only relive your favourite memories, but also vote for them and select your all-time CWC XI.

Download Now And Get Ready For The World's Greatest Cricket Celebration!

* Every game for fixtures, results, stats and venue information
* The action unfolds as video highlights
* Dedicated team and player pages for each competing nation
* Follow your favourite team and get news, video and highlights
* Select your favorite players and choose your best-ever Cricket World Cup XI
* Our Greatest Moments video archive section via Vote Your Favorite World Cup moment
* Test your knowledge through our quiz section
* Follow news and video in English, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu Download

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Saturday, 15 June 2019


June 15, 2019

Chess for Android consists of a chess engine and a GUI. The application accepts moves through the touch screen, trackball, or keyboard (e2e4 pushes the king pawn, e1g1 castles king side, etc.). An optional "move coach" highlights valid user moves during input and last played engine move. Full game navigation enables users to correct mistakes or analyze games. Games import and export as FEN/PGN to and from the clipboard or via sharing, load and save as file, or are set up through a position editor. A draw by stalemate, insufficient material, the fifty move rule, or threefold
repetition is recognized. The engine plays at various levels (including random, against itself in auto-play, or free-play, where the game can be used as a "magnetic chessboard"). The user can play either side and, independently, view the board from the perspective of white or black.

The application supports the Universal Chess Interface (UCI) and Chess Engine Communication Protocol (WinBoard and XBoard), which allows users to play against more powerful third party engines or even play tournaments between engines. Engines are imported in Android Open Exchange format (OEX), in Android Chessbase compatible format, or directly from SD card. Engine setup features time control, pondering, infinite analysis, hash tables, multiple threads, endgame tablebases, and opening test suites.

The application can connect to an external electronic chessboard (DGT, Certabo, or Millennium) and online to either FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) or ICC (Internet Chess Club). Download  
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Free ball

June 15, 2019

YugiResate Maximum Numfreeber Comparison Particles.
Uglycrete Stability Obi Tell Files.
Piset Somme Miner Books.FreeBalls is a funny program that emulates the physics of rigid balls

FreeBalls is a fun and simple program that emulates the physics of rigid balls and liquids.
You can also evaluate the device performance and compare results with other devices (Benchmark). Download
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June 15, 2019

Category files are a small and fully functional file manager software

Only 0.6MB, Category Files is a small and fully functional file manager software.
This application can be browse by file's category, or browsing by directory structure, and it can also search files.
Among them, there are six categories of
category browsing, which are pictures, music, videos, documents, APKs and compression packages.
The user can delete, copy and cut the file through this software.
Category files are a complete and very small file management, the installation package is only 0.6M size. Download

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June 15, 2019

YouTube for light fullscreen / floating video player. Just 0.2MB! No Ads, Ad-free!

An easy, simple and lightweight video player for playing any YouTube video quickly in Full Screen or Floating window mode. Just browse through the built-in YouTube browser, click to select a video to view and view it immediately in full screen or a small movable window that floats above other apps.

NOTE: The minimized floating window mode is time limited but you can easily unlock it for unlimited play.

The player is ultra light (just 0.2MB) and does not require any device permissions. This is a YouTube video of part of any ads shown except for ad-free (no ads). It supports YouTube playlists as well.

If you intend to use it on a slow 2G, 3G or 4g mobile connection, easily switch to a lower resolution. A low quality setting can also save a lot of bandwidth, when you are more interested in listening to the music / audio.

While it can work standalone, Play Lite is not intended as a replacement or alternative for the Google YouTube app. It just provides a quicker way to play the videos if you don't want to go into the video details and comments. However, it does provide some additional functionality such as float play and loop play over the normal YouTube app. It does not back off the screen with support play. Use the minimized floating window option instead of listening to music or podcasts while multi-task.

All videos are provided by YouTube and the app does not have any content of its own. If you have problems playing any video or need more video details anytime with just one click.

Also checkout iPlayIT, a VR headset through YouTube videos for the top player.
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June 15, 2019

Browse the web twice as much ☆ free ☆ no-ads ☆ lite ☆

A lite web browser with two tabs in one display. You can have two separate websites open and open simultaneously on the screen. The first tab while reading videos is on the second one, visit your social media account or play online while reading a book or whatever.
Basically, you can browse the web twice as much.

Also you can listen videos & musics in the background while on another website. Just open it and then make the other tab full screen, it will continue playing.
Have fun!


Night Mode
The Night Mode feature, which is included in many social media applications, is also available in the Dual Internet Browser. So your eyes will be less tired and darker environments where light is less. Using this feature depends on your preference.

Translate web pages
You can view foreign sites in English.

Text-only mode (Load no pictures)
You can use the text-only mode if you don't want the images to be loaded automatically. With this feature, you save money when mobile data network is on.

Turn the first tab upside down
One of the most versatile and best features of the application is that it can be used by two people at the same time.

Desktop mode
You can switch to Desktop Mode.

Supported languages:
French (Français)
Spanish (Español)
Portuguese (Português)
Russian (Русский)
Turkish (Türkçe) Download

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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Photos editing software

June 13, 2019

AI cutout, professional editing tools, and abundant picture resources.

PickU brings you an ideal lifestyle. You can easily create and share your ideas with the world through AI cutout, professional editing tools, and abundant picture resources.

With PickU, you can:

● AI Cutout: Automatically identify the content of your photos without manual operation;

● Photo Re-mix: More than 10000+ free backgrounds, stickers, text, and other materials, easy create amazing photos;

● Picture Collage: Combination of up to 9 of your photos with the personalized layout;

● Photo Editor: Smart photo editing tools make you a photography master;

● Personalized text: Add personalized text to your photos and tell your story;

PickU, create your ideal lifestyle. Click here.
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Tuesday, 11 June 2019


June 11, 2019

Watched a Nice video of on Tik Tok? Wanna download that Video Without Watermark? So Here Is Most Loveble Video Downloader For Musically App!

With just one click, App will help you download your favorite Video Free.  We Are Back With Our Best Auto Download Features & More
Download our tik tok video downloader and save without your phone forever.

There are 200 million + users on their app and every day these musters are creating beautiful music videos, Musically app allows you to browse popular videos, sounds and hashtags but you can not download that videos.
So here is the solution for download any Musers Videos! , and we are come with this powerful and beautiful app. tik tok video downloader gives you ease of downloading any video within seconds.
Using tik tok video downloader app, you can download Tik Tok videos with a few taps on your screen.
If you want to download the video, download the video of the video downloader automatically downloading those videos without watermark,
Multi-downloading is supported, it makes downloading more convenient
Also you can share them on social networks or just keep them on your device, very easy to use.

And the fun fact is that everything is totally free! With 5+ languages ​​support.
So what are you waiting for? Download this App And enjoy it.

Features Of This App:

+ Save Videos Just by copying any videos (Auto Download)
+ Paste link to Download video
+ Inbuilt video player
+ Watch and Share also Repost in Instagram
+ No login required & easy to use
+ Support 5+ languages
+ User friendly interface
+ Smooth Download.

How To Use:

1. Turn On Auto Service and Open Your Official App.
2. Copy Any videos Link from official app, and now video will start downloading
Automatically without watermark
3. Paste link and Download videos
4. Now you can watch, share and delete that videos

That's it. You're done.

If you Really Enjoy this app
Enjoy our tik tok video downloader
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Sunday, 9 June 2019

What's crop

June 09, 2019

Profile without cropping.
Every time you change your profile picture it's needed to be cropped and often you lose a substantial part of the photo.

This app will automatically adjust the picture size to be the maximum allowed without any part of it, avoiding cropped pictures.

You can load any photo from your photo gallery or take one with your device camera.

If your picture is not square sized you can fill the empty spaces with a color or a wallpaper background.

You can also set the size, rotation and position of the picture using the pinch gesture and sliding the picture.

- Profile photo uncropped.
- Automatic resizing.
- Manual adjustment in size and rotation (pinch gesture) and position (slide a finger).
- Selection of pictures from the photo album.
- Take a picture from the camera.
- Control of image rotation.
- Select the background color of the image.
- Selection of wallpaper background of the image. Download click here

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Delete whatsapp

June 09, 2019

Do you want to check deleted messages of whatsapp? Just download this app (WhatsDelete: Save deleted messages) and it will notify you whenever any message or media file gets deleted from WhatsApp. This "WhatsDelete for WhatsApp" app allows you to monitor notifications of WhatsApp and help you to detect deleted messages of whatsapp.

Try this light app to view and save WhatsApp status, videos, voice notes and documents in managed order at one place. It works as an antidelete service that allows you to save WhatsApp messages that are deleted from the sender side. You can create backup of WhatsApp messages, media files and can save WhatsApp video status or use it later on.

WhatsDelete Pro for WhatsApp also works as a cleaner for whatsapp or duplicate file finder for whatsapp because it allows you to avoid WhatsApp duplication. You can save your WhatsApp data and can view all WhatsApp media files at one place.

Top Features of this WhatsDelete Pro App:

✓ Latest design with dark mood.

✓ Easy to use.

✓ Download WhatsApp statuses easily (images, videos).

✓ Save WhatsApp deleted media files even after deleting from sender side.

✓ Also works as cleaner for WhatsApp by avoiding media duplication.

✓ View all your WhatsApp data at one place separately.

How it works?

1) Open this "WhatsDelete App".

2) Configure installation and give the permissions that it requires.

3) Open the original WhatsApp Messenger App and watch Status of WhatsApp and other media files.

4) You will be notified when someone deletes his / her message.

5) To check deleted messages, just open the "WhatsDelete" app and check them out.

6) Check or uncheck Tabs from settings to select any media file you want to save after delete.

For any question, an idea for improvement, complaints about bugs, etc. please give us feedback in reviews. Your feedback will help us to improve the app in future versions. Android  Download app clickhere
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Style text

June 09, 2019

Write Stylish Text in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & other apps in just one tap

Write Stylish Text anywhere and send to anyone without opening the app.

☆ 115+ beautiful text, number and art styles
☆ Stylish Text floating styles popup in any app.
☆ Text selection menu option in any app.
☆ Quickly copy, share or send to any app.
☆ Manage list of your favorite styles.
☆ Style Editor to create your own styles.
☆ Block / Unblock Stylish Text Bubble in apps.
☆ Dark & ​​Black themes with 16 accent colors.

Write and send stylish text and art every other app which supports editing text in following styles:

Dotted Underlined
Small circle underlined
Double Stroke
Old English
and many more.
Click here

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Whatsapp tool

June 09, 2019

WA status saver, new gifs, videos, direct chat, tricks, help! # 1 Whatsapp tool

WhatsTool tools for WhatsApp has all the features to make your WhatsApp use very robust, smooth
and useful. From whatsapp tricks and help to search profiles, to open whatsapp chat and whatsapp gifs,
quotes and tricks, you can really get the most of your messaging with our whatsapp aid tool!

WhatsTool tools for WhatsApp has all the features to make your WhatsApp use very robust, smooth and useful.

20+ Features in just ~ 5MB

1.WhatsApp Status saver of Images and Videos, share and repost. (includes for WhatsApp Bussiness, Parallel Space)
2. Forward / Send Message to all contacts in just a few clicks
3. Quick reply makes ur messaging fast. Avoid repeated messaging by creating a quick reply.
4. Caption status in the different category
5. Image Status from all possible categories
6. Funny Text-Upside Down - Flip, Special Font, Repeat text, Send an empty message
7. Search WhatsApp Profile of new / missed call numbers
8. Millions of GIFs to create interesting and funny chat conversations
9. Wish with GIF image. Create funny looking GIF from the text.
10. Direct chat with anyone without saving any number in WhatsApp

And many more features. Download to get all the features.

We are happy to release Trending Post which includes WhatsApp status videos, Quotes for the daily update in WhatsApp Status, Best Pictures to share directly to WhatsApp. WhatsApp Status Video, Photos, Gifs can be saved in phone and shared directly.

Upcoming features:
● Read Deleted Message
● Read Audio message as text
● Report chat analysis
● Latest gif, clip, and meme
● ❤ Multiple WhatsApp account

● Status video splitter: Share long videos to your WhatsApp status
●. Trending statuses
● Full security scans and locks
● Tips and tricks for your WhatsApp

WhatsTools is that you can use WhatsApp because it provides all the features in one place. It saves your data and memory of the app. Very easy to customize and manage.
It's boxes all the features that you need to enhance WhatsApp.

Do you want to quickly send someone in WhatsApp without saving his contact? Do you get a new call and he wants to message back in WhatsApp. Here you can do that easy. Just enter his number and send. Message Yourself in WhatsApp via this.

Get lots of daily quotes and captions along with tons of great photos status to share and be ahead in your WhatsApp group. Daily status is now a way to keep your group active.

Send special font characters to your friends in Whatsapp. Send upside down text message and repeated message to your friend.

Get quotes gif and create a happy birthday and good morning message in GIF. Gif creator. Awesome

WhatsApp Profile Search and Tracker. Easily search any number in WhatsApp.
Download android app click here 
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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Miui 10

June 08, 2019

MIUI 10 notification bar & quick settings. Fully customisable.

MIUI-ify provides a smooth, fast and native feeling MIUI 10 style shortcut to the bottom of your screen, allowing you to toggle settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash and many more, as well as adding shortcuts to apps and websites in the panel too!

- Control all notifications
- Reply, open, dismiss, interact and manage
- Full color customization
- Dynamic colours

- Move your device's status bar to the bottom of the screen
- Full support for notifications and system setting icons
- Full color personalization
- Blacklist: hide the status bar in specific apps

- 40+ different settings
- Add any app or URL as a shortcut in the panel
- Layout: Change the number of tile rows and columns
- Sliders: Screen brightness, ringtone, alarm, notification and media volume
- MIUI 10 themed

- Customizable position and size so it does not interfere with navigation gestures
- Options to hide in landscape and fullscreen
- Blacklist: hide the handle trigger in specific apps

- Blur the background
- Change the colors of the panel background and the quick setting icons
- Add a background image to the panel
- Select an app icon pack
- Match the navigation bar to the footer color
- Dark mode
- Integration with Tasker

- Backup and Restore your customizations

Get extra features with Root / ADB
- Ability to toggle secure system settings such as Mobile Data and Location. These settings can only be toggled with root or a one time ADB command, due to Android's security restrictions

Some of the main quick settings:
- WiFi
- Mobile data
- Bluetooth
- Location
- Rotate mode
- Do not disturb
- Airplane mode
- Night mode
- Sync
- Torch / Flashlight
- Music controls
- WiFi hotspot
- Screen timeout
- Immersive mode
- caffeine (keep screen awake)
- Invert colors
- Battery Saver
- And over 20 more!

iOS has got the control center at the bottom of the screen for years.
With MIUIify and its MIUI notification bar, you can finally get the same ease of access and more with a material design style!
How to  download app       click here

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June 08, 2019

Reddit Wallpapers autosets your wallpaper to hot pictures from reddit daily.

Sets your phone wallpaper to the hottest / newest picture post from the selected subdivision. Automatically resets the Reddit wallpaper to the hot post of the subdivision based on an interval you set.

Reddit Wallpapers makes sure your phone stays fresh with new pictures on wallpaper. Its a refreshing experience!

Simple, easy, high-definition 4k / HD wallpapers with background auto updating.
An alarm changes your wallpaper everyday (or custom time interval)
Some popular subdivisions based on photography for the best reddit wallpaper-
r / wallpapers
r / mostbeautiful
r / earthporn
r / skyporn
r / spaceporn
r / space
r / art

Nature wallpapers? We've got it! Earth wallpapers, car wallpapers, anime wallpapers, flower wallpapers, space wallpapers, cool wallpapers? Yup! Redpapers has one of the largest collection of wallpapers for android!

* Please disable app optimization if Reddit Wallpapers does not update at the right time *
Disclaimer - This app is not affiliatedreddit.
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Screen shots

June 08, 2019

A new way to find and find screenshots with search. From Mozilla.

Having trouble finding your screenshots? Firefox ScreenshotGo allow you to search your screenshots by text, and provide a simple overview of all your screenshots in an organized, easy-to-find way. Note that we only support English for now.

Find Screenshots Fast with Search (English only)
The text in all your screenshots will be indexed automatically and ready for search, so you can just type keywords in the search bar and find the screenshots very quickly. Note that screenshots without text will not appear in the search result.

Find Screenshots Easily
The home screen shows off your collections nicely, so you can scan and find the latest. You can also import and find your existing screenshots from the gallery, do not worry, it will not duplicate the screenshots so it will not need extra space much.

Take Action on Text (English only)
With the screenshot text scanner button, you can extract text from screenshots at one tap, and then copy the text for more actions like share shares, open links or more, just like Google Lens.

Capture with Ease
The GO button is your new best friend. It floats on every screen, ready to take screenshot whenever you need it.

More Ways to Take Screenshot
With persistent notification and hardware key support, choose one that best fit your needs.

Stay organized
Once you take a screenshot, you'll have the option of sorting it into a collection that you define. So you can always go back and find your screenshots easily.

Share Your Best Shots
Some screenshots are too good to keep yourself yourself. Share your best finds with friends, so they stay up to date, too.

Mozilla is dedicated to keeping the power of the people in people's hands.
We are a global community of users, contributors and developers working to innovate on your behalf. When you use Firefox ScreenshotGo, you become a part of that community, App Download click here
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Secret gallery

June 08, 2019

Easily hide your photos and videos to create your own secret albums.

Secret album to protect my privacy!
Photo, video hide application
Meet the secret gallery.

The secret gallery allows you to hide your own photos and videos behind the search browser window that you do not want others to see.

For others, it looks like a browser search site.
However, if you enter the password you set, you can check your own gallery.

Your private space,
Keep your photos and videos safe and easy.

※ main function
1. Search browser theme support
- Please select your favorite search browser.
- Change your other search theme at any time.

2. Enter your password
- Enter your search in the search box.
- If no password, general search results will be exposed.

3. Hide photos and folders
- You can hide it once more with Folder Management> Hide.
- Search hidden folders in search.

4. Source delete function support
- You can choose to automatically delete photos and videos from the gallery.
- Please be careful that the deleted original can not be recovered.

I want to hide my private album, private photos and videos  Download click here
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Apk mirror

June 08, 2019

Unlike the other two contenders on the list above, APKMirror is a website and not a standalone app. But if you are looking for the best site to download APK files for Android and do not care too much about it Play Store replacement, then APKMirror is the right choice for you. Despite not being an installable third-party app store, APKMirror gives you the ability to install every time they are available.

One of the neat features to notice about the APKMirror service is the ability to not just find beta versions, but older and outdated versions of apps as well. Finding an older version of an app can be a useful tool when your new version of the app is broken or there's a feature that you preferred in the older version. With a fairly simple user-interface, APKMirror directly offers the latest updates of APKs and the most popular apps. Download  Click here

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