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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Spy app

Is anybody spying on you? This App Can Find All Spy Apps On Your Device.

SpyWare Detection and Removal. Is anybody spying on you? This Spy App Detector Can Find All Potential Spy Apps On Your Device. Extremely easy to use.

Spy Apps Of All Sorts From Protect Yourself.

This App Can Find All Your Spy Apps On Your Device, Not Only The Well Known Spy Apps Like mSpy, etc, But Also Apps Made For Other Purpose, But It Can Be Used By Spy On You , Spouse and Boss. In addition to the "Official" Spy Apps, those that are used by Governments and Law Enforcement Agencies.

"Anti-Spy" is a SpyWare Detector which can be checked as soon as you can, and stops to help you. Also called AntiSpyWare or Malware Protection. Everybody should have one installed.

Anyone who has (or had) access to your device can easily install a spyware software / app to monitor your location, your calls, contacts and your SMS messages. It may even take Secret Audio Recordings, Pictures and Videos of you. SMSs, Call Lists, Pictures, Videos and Other Files can be sent from your device to some unknown receiver - without knowing anything about it.

"Anti-Spy" is an App that can recognize Real Spy Apps on your device, so that you can stop and / or uninstall it. It is extremely easy to use. Just touch the "Scan Now" button to start searching Spy Apps.

Use "Relaxed Scan Criteria" to find other / additional apps - which MAY have the potential to spy on - but which are probably not.

This Spy Detector is capable of detecting more Potential Spy Apps on your device than most other similar apps.

Some Spy Apps are extremely well hidden, and hard to find and get rid of. "Anti-Spy" will help you Detect and Uninstall them.

Some of the more well known Mobile Spy Apps boast that their apps are "Undetectable". Well, that may not be true if you have "Anti Spy" installed on your phone / tablet.

If someone has borrowed / used your phone / tablet, use "Anti Spy" and check if your device is still clean.

Someone may have some SpyWare installed on your device, which makes it possible for them to spy on you. This is your spouse, your boy / girl-friend, your boss, a colleague, your parents or children, this free app and make a simple scan to detect any Suspicious (Potential Spy) Apps.

There are lots of apps that may be used to spy on you.

In addition to the obvious Spy Apps, here are some examples of Types of Apps:

- Some Anti Theft Apps
- Some Security & Anti Virus Apps (with Anti Theft Feature)
- Some SMS BackUp Apps
- Some Camera and / or Mic Recording Apps
- Some Call Recording Apps
- Some Parental Control Apps
- Some Baby Monitoring Apps
- Some Gps Trackers And Fleet Management Apps


- Detect all Potential Spy Apps on your device
- Also Hidden and Stopped Spy Apps are detected
- Use Relaxed Detection Criteria to Find Other Potential (Less Possible) Spy Apps
- Find suspicious apps that are installed from an UNKNOWN source
- Detect Active Device Administrator Apps
- Optional Checking of System Apps
- Whitelisting (Remove Safe / Trusted Apps from List of Potential Spy Apps)
- Remove / Uninstall unwanted apps
- Extremely Fast Spy App Search Engine

"Potential Spy Apps" may not be as good as SpyWare, but they have the POTENTIAL. (We consider it better to list ten apps which are not true Spy Apps, but rather one that is missing.) If you find an App which you think SHOULD have listed (but which NOT), please send us an email we can Download