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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Whatsapp emoj

Memoji is application create emoji from your face

Memoji is application create emoji from your face.

Are you bored with the usual emoji icons? Do you want to create an emoji of your own style? Only you have it Memoji will help you do that.

You just open the app then open the camera and take a photo of your face, or select the available face picture in the device. Memoji will detect your face in the photo, you will have many emoji face template to choose from. Your job is to choose an emoji face template and edit it accordingly. Then select the button to start the emoji face. Memoji has a lot of emoji accessories for you like: emoji eyes, emoji mouth, emoji beard, emoji glasses… Let's design the emoji face the way you like. Memoji is very easy and i bet you like it.

Memoji: Create emoji from your face app:
-Take a picture of your face or choose a picture from your phone
-Select the emoji face template and edit as you like
-Create emoji emoji face with many different accessories
-Save the emoji face that you have designed and shared on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter,…
-Review The emoji face you created in the emoji collection
You can create more emoji faces by clicking on the Add button (+)

You can also take a picture of a friend's face and make a funny emoji to tease them. =))
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