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Monday, 1 July 2019

Multi note

Multi-Copy Smart Clipboard Manager App To Help Multi Copy And Paste Easily

A multi-platform Clipboard Manager App that is designed to make users the ultimate organizer of copy, paste and keeping important notes on smartphones that never simplify.

Problem: You can't copy multiple phrases in any smartphone. You can only copy and keep one phrase at a time. It is also time consuming to type everything (Name, Email, Address .... etc) again and again when you need it.

Solution: Use Smart Multi Clipboard Manager which lets you copy any number of phrases, keep them in stock so you can use them anytime soon. The Notes feature lets you write and save any detail so you can paste anytime later.

Why Multi-Platform?
Use this app on Smartphones, Tablets because these synchronises and keeps the same content on all devices where you can copy and access the web application using the computer. Download click here

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