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Thursday, 5 September 2019

3D photo generator and editor

The first 3D photo generator and editor

LUCIDPIX is an app that creates fun 3D photos to tell visual stories that pop.
You can capture 3D Photos, create 3D Frames.
You can share content  sharing directly to Facebook or creating screen records with your friends.

Features : 
Powerful real-time 3D photo viewer which provides you with the best 3D photo preview experience
Various 3D frames to amplify your photo for free.

3D photos that you can explore by rotating your phone or scrolling after sharing.
Enhanced 2D photos after just one tap.
Depth effects and filters to explore creativity.
The simplest and easiest way to share 3D photos to Facebook. No depth mapping skills required.
The first app to support 3D Photo capturing and sharing across platforms.
Easy-to-use and straight-forward user interface.
Sharing to all platforms with Download