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Sunday, 8 September 2019


Brings life to your artworks with neat glitch, VHS, gradient and distort effects

From the creators of Shapical X, Shapical, Crystallic, and Deleo, featured on Google Play in 100+ countries

Movee is a revolutionary app that brings your photos, converting them to videos as a result.

More than 50+ advanced graphical effects, including paint, VHS, glitch, distort, noise and gradient effects.
 Movee also allows you to add dynamic clouds, space and much more.

Movee includes the powerful eraser tool enabling you to create your effect layer of the erase parts of the final artwork look terrific like a real natural graphic masterpiece.

Movee is a new word in photoediting with animating your photo turning to png, jpg, jpeg and other files to mp4 video files.

MoveEffect is a free and easy-to-use software at the same time with highly advanced graphical features that make it easy to create impressive dynamic photos.

The key points of Movee Photoeditor are a real-time glitch, distort, VHS, smudge, noise, paint, gradient and another dynamic graphics effect that will bring your photos to life.

Move to an eraser tool to create an effect layer of erase parts that bring you to the next level of photoediting.

720, HD, Full HD, and 2K quality in videos that save movement.

At the same time, the Movee is a really lightweight app, so you can download it easily and start to create a stunning graphics right in the moment.

Movee is the best real-time photo editor that offers you more than 50 different VHS, paint, smudge, distort, glitch / glitche and gradient effects.

The UI of Movee is very user-friendly, it contains different packs of effects / dynamic filters which are Glitch / Space / Distort / Paint / Gradient / VHS.  After adding your effect layer, you can make a layer of the erase part of your artwork look organic and natural.  As the last step, you export your jpeg or png photo as an mp4 video. Click

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