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Monday, 2 December 2019

Tap Tap Apk App

hi Friends this app is a game recommendation platform and a high-quality players community. Available in Android, iOS, and Web
TapTap recommends some superb games reviewed independently by editors everyday. Players can download, buy, rate, discuss games here, and discover more superb games by communicating with other players.
TapTap only includes official packages (some games are limited by the official regional distribution restrictions, will limit the download area), no interest partition with developers, which is the first third-party platform to support the payment of official Android games in ChReal, efficient, innovative

Strictly manage the trolls and improper ranking, TapTap review and ranking only welcome the real feedback from player
Players can experience new games, post reviews, and accelerate game improvements in the first place through features such as “Coming Soon” and “In Beta Now”.
Easy to use, professional, win-win
Handy multi-language developer backend, instant public data analysis, and convenient ad delivery system, TapTap creates easy-to-use products for developers, provides professional services, and reduces the cost of game registration on the platform.
Find good games for the player, find players who like good game. TapTap discover superb games in a win-win way.
TapTap Team
In 2016, X.D. Network invested in a newly-formed company called Yiwan (Shanghai) Network Technology Co. to develop and operate the TapTap platform. Core members of the TapTap team have come from Shafa Market and VeryCD, as well as senior representatives hailing from leading tech industries such as from BT@China, Shooter.cn, and X.D. Network.ina.