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Monday, 3 February 2020

VIP Notes - protected notepad with attachments v9.9.27 [Paid]

VIp notes - protected notepad with attachments v9.9.27 [Paid]

This app has no advertisements

see all other important information ( accounts, passwords, pin codes, credit cards details, etc.)
see photos of important documents and any other files
edit attached files (text and html)
store all of this encrypted in a secure storage not accessible for other applications
The size of attachments is limited only by the capabilities of your device.

encryption AES-256
protecting access to the all notes or each note separately
fingerprint scanner
autolock by time
widgets and shortcuts on homescreen for notes and files
folders (unlimited nesting - in free version)
attachements (the files will encrypted if encrypted note)
icons for notes and folders (you can upload youself icons)
color themes (have editor)
backup/restore database
does not require Internet access
does not contain advertising

limitations of the free version:

you can create only 3 folder
only one file per one row
disabled icon's editor
disabled uploading file from SD and content provider (allowed only from camera and gallery)


encrypted notes, notepad, passwords manager, safe storage, encrypted files holder, encryption

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