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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Sim Farm – Harvest, Cook & Sales v1.4 (Mod)

Sim Farm – Harvest, Cook & Sales v1.4 (Mod)

Planting and harvesting crops, processing in the factory, then making various commodities, setting up your own supermarket, operating independently, creating a one-stop business chain, To be the richest man in the world.
Ready to make money? let’s start.

Game Features:
Growing a variety of crops, harvesting and processing
Set up a supermarket, get goods from your own factory, and sell at the lowest cost
Attract customers, invite celebrity endorsements, set off a sales frenzy
Expand step by step, buy surrounding land and establish a business empire.

• New task system. Including main tasks, daily tasks, achievement tasks.
• New floor, wallpaper and ornaments are added to the decoration system.
• Add edit mode button on the main interface, you can edit when you enter edit mode. 

Sim Farm - Harvest, Cook & Sales MOD APK
• Unlimited Materials / Purchase them even don't have enough cash
• Free Speed Up / Don't need cash

Important: Make sure you always keep your internet off before launching the game and also while playing the game or else the game will crash and reset.