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Monday, 29 June 2020

Police vs Crime – ONLINE v1.4.0 (Mod)

Police vs Crime – ONLINE v1.4.0 (Mod)

Police vs Crime – ONLINE game you are playing a role of Police officer or Criminal(random).

Attention! Online mode – expect other online players.

If you Police:
Police chase and eliminate the criminals throughout the neighborhood. You must be a good Police car driver to drive Police car fast, take risks bravely that’s must needed in police car driving games and its most crucial duty of a real police cop, in order to chase, catch the criminals.

If you Crime:
Criminals are moving away from the chase and hide from the police. You must be a good Crime car driver to drive Crime car fast, deftly evade pursuit and that’s must needed in crime games.

Show off your amazing car driving skills, perform awesome car driving techniques in one of the best free car driving simulators!

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• This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring you hours of fun.
• Online mode.
• Different guns.
• Car damage is extremely realistic.
• Many police and gangsters cars.
• It’s very simple to select a drive mode.
• You get realistic acceleration.
• Great graphics.

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Police vs Crime - ONLINE MOD APK
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