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Monday, 15 August 2022

WallCandy MOD Version 1.6.13 (Premium Unlocked)

 WallCandy MOD Version 1.6.13 (Premium Unlocked)

Remarkable handpicked backdrops. Computerized expressions, Oil pastel and Anime foundations.

WallCandy - Remarkable Amoled, HD, 4K Backdrop with Auto transformer is a free application that has a huge assortment of extraordinary handpicked assortments. It has more than 10000+ genuinely remarkable foundations for your telephone.

We accept that backdrops are to telephone as garments are to people. The genuine rationale to make this application came from the way that we, at the end of the day, needed to have exceptional backdrops for our telephones. The vast majority of the backdrop application at present in the play store are practically comparative and simply give a lot of stock visual pictures. We believed the backdrops should have significantly more.

So we thought of Wallcandy where the greater part of the backdrops are works of art made by extremely capable advanced specialists. Each backdrop has its own history and justifies itself with real evidence.


At center we attempt to just add genuinely remarkable fine arts to our assortments as opposed to adding huge number of comparable stock photographs of vehicles, mountains, blossoms.

Auto Backdrop Transformer
Wallcandy will set a remarkable backdrop for you consistently. You don't have to physically make a playlist for backdrops to change. Simply stay associated with the web and see the wizardry.

Practically every one of the backdrops are of exceptionally high goals with some of 4k goals.

Gadget adaptivity
All works of art will adjusted to your gadget regardless of what your screen size is. Be it a tablet or an old android telephone or leaders. Indeed that is the manner by which we have coded it.

Practically free
The vast majority of the backdrops in the application are free. A few backdrops requires premium membership.

Infrequent Advertisements
Wallcandy is sans promotion. With just 1 promotion each day to take care of our server costs.

Quiet Highlights
It has implicit hunt, upholds dull mode, backdrop history and considerably more.

Every one of the backdrops in this application are under normal artistic liberty and the credit goes to their particular proprietors. These pictures are not supported by any of the imminent proprietors, and the pictures are utilized just for tasteful purposes. No copyright encroachment is planned, and any solicitation to eliminate one of the pictures/logos/names will be respected.


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