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Friday, 26 October 2018

EDS apk pro version

October 26, 2018
🅿️ : EDS apk
🆚 :
Ⓜ️ : Patched
Ⓜ️ : Latest Version
📌 : EDS (Encrypted Data Store) allows you to hide and protect your files inside an encrypted container.

The program can operate in two modes. You can open a container in EDS or you can attach the file system to a container to the file system of your device (i.e., "mount" the container, require root access to your device).

Main program features:

* Supports VeraCrypt (R), TrueCrypt (R), LUKS, EncFs, CyberSafe (R) container formats.
* You can create an encrypted Dropbox folder using EncFs.
* Choose among five secure ciphers.
* Cipher combinations are supported. A contatainer can be encrypted using several ciphers at once.
* Encrypt / decrypt any type of file.
* Hidden containers support.
* Keyfiles support.
* Container mounting is supported (requires root access to your device). You can use any file manager, gallery program or media player to access the mounted container.
* A container can be opened directly from a network share.
* Network shares can be mounted to the file system of your device (requires root access to your device). A network share can be mounted and dismounted automatically depending on the available Wifi connection.
* All the standard file operations supported.
* You can play media files directly from the container.

* You can use a hand-drawn pattern along with a password to get access to your container on a touch screen.
* You can setup a database inside the container to store various kinds of information including logins, passwords, credit card pin codes, etc.
* You can use indexed search to quickly find files or database entries inside the container.

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