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Monday, 6 July 2020

Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War, Twisted Battle 2020 v0.153 (Mod)

July 06, 2020
Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War, Twisted Battle 2020 v0.153 (Mod)

Got tired from heavy tanks and giant robots? Hurry to download Steel Rage, online combat cars shooter wargame. Fight players from all over the world in new FREE PvP shooter with mech cars. Choose machine, chassis, combat weapons, abilities and blitz into battle. Upgrade and customize your machines according to your taste and combat style. Be a champion of the PvP shooter wargame.

Full customization
Choose vehicle body, chassis, military weapons and action abilities which suits your combat style. Add some colors and camouflage to make your metal monster more stylish. Make fast sport action car, armored machine or mech robot. All is up to you.

Tons of auto bodies
More than 13 bodies with unique action specifications and appearances to cross enemies out in twisted rage. From sedan, mini and sport cars to muscle, SUV and vans.

Various weapons
Light, medium and heavy military weapons. Machine-guns, AP projectiles, missiles. Choose shooter weapons of your own action tactics!

Chassis for any driving style
Select different chassis for any machine you have. Use sport suspension to improve speed, SUV suspension or even 6 wheels chassis to get off-road capability, or select tank tracks and steel robotic spider limbs to increase maneuverability.

Tactic abilities
Complete your mech monster with unique action abilities. Wear energy shield for better defense, use nitro boost for tactical maneuvers, or become invisible to attack from ambush or to make a tactical retreat. Use abilities in the right time to change the tide of battle and cross enemies out from PvP arena.

Lots of tactical opportunities
Mount up to 3 different guns and make a salvo from all of them or use tactics and fire any of them in the right time. Protect yourself with energy shield and blitz enemies with a barrage of machine-guns and AP shells. Launch missiles from cover and use invisibility to hide yourself. Or use nitro boost to quickly outflank enemies.

Enormous arenas
Vast territories for exploration and maneuvers, from countryside to city. Explore magnificent arenas and use terrain, buildings and other covers for tactical advantage. Make sure enemies won’t have any chances.

Full-scale warfare
Up to 30 war machines in every match. Dynamic 6v6 battles. Even more variety of combat and tactics makes every match unique.

Online PvP
Fight in breathtaking battles with champions from all over the world! Be the best fighter with the coolest steel mech and cross enemies out of leaderboards.

Beautiful 3d graphics and visuals
Thoroughly detailed vehicles and arenas. Epic explosions in vivid PvP shooter! Enjoy fantastic graphics during the battles.

Freedom of experiments
Test different builds until you find your own. Fight with other players everywhere and every time whenever possible! The game doesn’t have energy or other restrictions.

Easy controls
Intuitive controls, which you can change in the settings and handy UI will let your mech to join a combat immediately.

Tweak graphics
Want the game to run even on weak device? Pick the graphic set which suit your metal knight best.

Online action car shooter! Choose a mech of your own style, upgrade and customize it and cross out enemies from all over the world without any restrictions! Regular updates and new content are waiting for fighters in online wargame of 2019.

Not sure what to play? Join online twisted PvP in Steel Rage, download for free right now.

Dear users! We are constantly working on creating new content, improving the wargame, graphics and optimization! Please write to us if you find bugs or issues.

Want to ask about the game or find friends and allies?
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames
Support: support@gdcgames.ru

Welcome the new Battle Season!

- New Battle Season quests.
- New vehicle: Corsair.
- New weapon: Whip.
- Fixed an issue that allowed vehicles to cross the game map borders and fight from there.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War, Twisted Battle 2020 MOD APK
menu mod
unlimited bullet
no reload
You need to enable Overlay Permission and Storage Permission (if have) on settings in your phone to make menu appears


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Talking Angela v3.0.0.9 (Mod)

July 06, 2020
Talking Angela v3.0.0.9 (Mod)

Come join Talking Angela in Paris – the city of love, style and magic. There are so many surprises, you better sit down. Enjoy amazing gifts, pick the latest styles, and sip magical cocktails to experience special moments. And watch out for birds – you never know what might fly by.

✔ Join Talking Angela in the world’s most fashionable city
✔ Press the “Gift” button to open beautiful presents
✔ Use the “Coat Hanger” button for chic accessories and makeup
✔ Push the “Cocktail” button to get a taste of Parisian magic
✔ Discover the “Record” button and share silly videos with your friends
✔ Hit the “Larry” button to fly into feather fun
✔ Click the heart-shaped “Fortune Cookie” button for words of wisdom

Sit back, relax, and enjoy hours of fun with Talking Angela

This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates Outfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practices to protect your child’s personal information. Our apps do not allow younger children to share their information.

LEGAL NOTICE: We are collecting anonymized data log files containing details on the usage of the app.

This app contains:
• Promotion of Outfit7’s products and contextual advertising
• Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps
• Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again
• The option to make in-app purchases

Terms of use: http://outfit7.com/eula/
Privacy policy: http://outfit7.com/privacy-policy/

Talking Angela MOD APK


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Shark Tank Tycoon v0.09 (Mod)

July 06, 2020
Shark Tank Tycoon v0.09 (Mod)

Do you have what it takes to survive the Shark Tank? Help the Sharks invest in the next big thing and create a business tycoon empire with the Official Shark Tank Tycoon Game.

TV’s Emmy Award winning Shark Tank is now your favorite game on mobile devices with Shark Tank Tycoon. Make deals with the Sharks, invest in hot new businesses and build your empire! Prove your ability as a cunning entrepreneur by investing stake in new products and become the top Shark.

Here are just a few of Shark Tank Tycoon’s EXCITING game mechanics:
• Complete fun, challenging daily quests.
• Acquire new businesses with cutting-edge products.
• Unlock business-savvy entrepreneurs to synergize.
• Make high-stakes deals with the Sharks!
• Market new products and rake in the cash!
• Grow your business empire expand globally.

The thrill of television’s hottest reality business show is now on your phone or tablet! Become the next Shark and join the business moguls to conquer the world of business?

Shark Tank Tycoon: ARE YOU IN?

This app may include advertising tailored to your interests on behalf of the Sony Corporation family of companies, as well as third parties. To learn more about this, visit www.aboutads.info. To exercise certain choices regarding interest-based advertising, visit www.aboutads.info/choices. You may also download the App Choices app at www.aboutads.info/appchoices.

Terms of Use: https://www.sonypictures.com/corp/tos.html
Privacy Policy: https://www.sonypictures.com/corp/privacy.html
Do Not Sell My Info: https://privacyportal-cdn.onetrust.com/dsarwebform/d19e506f-1a64-463d-94e4-914dd635817d/b9eb997c-9ede-451b-8fd4-29891782a928.html

Welcome to Shark Tank! Are you ready to make a deal?
• Complete fun, challenging daily quests!
• Acquire new businesses with cutting-edge products.
• Unlock business-savvy entrepreneurs to synergize.
• Make high-stakes deals with the Sharks!
• Market new products and rake in the cash.
• Grow your business empire expand globally.

Shark Tank Tycoon MOD APK
Unlimited Everything
Whatever you spend will never decrease


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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Asphalt 9 Legends v2.3.4a (Mod)

July 05, 2020
Asphalt 9 Legends v2.3.4a (Mod)

Get in gear and take on the world’s best, most fearless street racer pros to become the next Asphalt Legend – from the creators of Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Asphalt 9: Legends features a top roster of real hypercars for you to drive that is unlike that found in any other game, from renowned car manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. You’re free to pick the dream car you need and race across spectacular locations against rival speed machines around the world. Hit the fast track and leave your limits in the dust to become a Legend of the Track.

Immerse yourself in one of the most hyper-realistic arcade racing games, with meticulously detailed real cars, cool HDR techniques, and stunning visual and particle effects that turn every race into a real blockbuster race movie.

Collect over 50 of the world’s best speed machines. Each cool vehicle has been carefully selected based on its aesthetics and the top driving performance you need in the most desirable line-up of any Asphalt games to date.

Use the new car editor to define the exact color and material of your car. You can also pick the color of the Rims, and more, to look your best on the track.

Charge your nitro to unleash the ultimate Nitro Pulse for the ultimate boost of speed you need to make your car break the sound barrier! Double-tap the brake to do a 360° at any time to take down your multiplayer or AI opponents in style and watch the burnout behind you!

Start your street journey in Career mode by completing over 60 seasons and 800 events. And become a real Asphalt racer legend by racing against up to 7 rival players from all over the world in the online multiplayer mode.

Master the innovative TouchDrive, a new driving control scheme that streamlines car steering to free your mind to focus on the arcade fun and fast speed.

For the first time in any of the Asphalt games, you can create your own online community of like-minded racer friends with the Club feature. Collaborate with your fellow speed freaks and motor heads to race your best and unlock the best Milestone rewards as you drive up the ranks of the multiplayer Club leaderboard.

The perfect game for fans of free games, arcade racing, driving fast, drift racing, weaving through traffic, and nitro-charged, power motor competition.

Visit our official site at http://gmlft.co/website_EN
Check out the new blog at http://gmlft.co/central

Don’t forget to follow us on social media:
Facebook: http://gmlft.co/A9_Facebook
Twitter: http://gmlft.co/A9_Twitter
Instagram: http://gmlft.co/A9_Instagram
YouTube: http://gmlft.co/A9_Youtube
Forum : http://gmlft.co/A9_Forums

This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site.

Terms of Use: http://www.gameloft.com/en/conditions-of-use
Privacy Policy: http://www.gameloft.com/en/privacy-notice
End-User License Agreement: http://www.gameloft.com/en/eula

Fixed an issue that caused in-game crashes for numerous players.

Asphalt 9: Legends - Epic Car Action Racing Game MOD APK
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod with the following features:
Disable bots (use before the start of the race);
Fast nitro in drift and in the air;
Easy control in drift.


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Go Knots 3D v3.0.3 (Mod – All Knot Unlocked)

July 05, 2020
Go Knots 3D v3.0.3 (Mod – All Knot Unlocked)

Go Knots 3D mod Apk – Can you sort all of the colored chains onto poles?

But be careful not to get tangled or you’ll go knots.

Performance improvements

Go Knots 3D MOD APK
Sap Info:
● Single Package APK (No SAI Needed);
● Languages: None;
● Supported CPU architecture: arm64_v8a, armeabi_v7a;
● Supported DPIs: None.

Mod Info:
● A Lot Of Coin.
● All Knot Unlock.
● All Map Unlock.
● Ad Free Unlock.
● Removed Debug Information.
● Total Apk Size 51 Mb.


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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing v1.32.1 (Mod)

July 04, 2020
Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing v1.32.1 (Mod)

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing Game
Dominate your criminally insane rivals in extreme head-to-head drag races!

Pick from 69 cars: stock rides, dragsters, and police vehicles
Let your creativity flow through a ton of tuning and customization options
Drive in 5 city districts, each with its own unique theme and gang crew
A real-life inspired aircraft carrier to race on
Epic arcade game modes
Adrenaline inducing Most Wanted police chases
Mind blowing 3D HD visuals

Reach impossible speeds by expertly timing gear changes and bursts of nitro
Top Speed is setting the new standard within drag racing genre. Have you ever wanted to participate in underground races against unpredictable mafia mobs? Drive top class luxury cars and show everybody who’s the boss? Jump right behind the wheel and get ready to have your breath taken away the moment you push that nitro button.

Drive 69 cars, beat 20 criminal overlords and become the biggest fish in the city
In Top Speed you can tune and mod your ride to your liking. Increase the engine’s power, upgrade your gear and nitro, repaint your car, slap on some decals if you need to. All of it will have a definite impact on the realistic driving simulation. When you unlock elite dragsters you can also reach for the most hardcore visual mods from the black market. All of the goods from the criminal nation are at your disposal – you just make sure to make good use of them in the race.

Choose any car you want from an astounding selection of 69 rides – you can drive classic stock cars, new heavily modded dragsters and even national police vehicles from 5 different countries.

Nothing will stop you from burning the rubber on the streets. All races take place off the grid, away from the traffic, so you can get crazy with burnout, plow the asphalt and race with no limits.

Challenge the odds as a mafia underdog and make your way to the very top.
On every step, you’ll have to race against each of the 20 criminal overlords that keep the city in their steel grasp. The city’s asphalt will become a battleground and no limit will be placed upon you – let ambition and adrenaline be your guide in this race. You’re the best new racer on these streets, but your rivals still don’t know that. How about showing them that by leaving them behind in the smoke from burnout after you drop the nitro? Kids, don’t try this at home!

Drag race in 5 beautiful and distinctive city districts.
From quaint Suburbs to teeming with high life Downtown, your need for sightseeing will be satisfied. Drive for glory and adrenaline in the Little Asia district, a fusion of China and the western world. Reach incredible velocities on the scenic Highway. As a professional arcade racer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your ride in nice and realistic surroundings.

Your skills will be tested, so get ready for the most intense arcade racing game of 2017! Download for FREE now.

Turn on, tune it, race out!

It’s about time to make your vehicle more personalized than ever! From now you can add and modify under-car neon lights for EVERY vehicle! Choose the right color from the wide range of colors and surprise your rivals on the road.

In addition to cosmetic changes, we are introducing the VIP System, extra rewards, and improved player progress saving options.

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK
1. Free Upgrade
2. Free Blueprint Cars
3. Instant Delivery (if the message appear press "I´ll Wait" and it´s Delivered)


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Friday, 3 July 2020

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter v3.3.2 (Mod)

July 03, 2020
The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter v3.3.2 (Mod)

ZOMBIES The Walking Zombie 2 :The world after the zombie apocalypse is a grim place. You were born into it so you will have to struggle to survive and fight against many kinds of zombies, bandits and dangerous boss monsters. You will be taking important story quests and many side quests, level-up your skills and perks, sell and buy equipment and communicate with (un)lucky survivors.

Survival RPG and first person shooter
Walking Zombie 2 is good old FPS with story, tens of quests and a lot of shooting stuff with different weapons. Your main enemies are zombies who already control the world – they are everywhere, in many different kinds and – most importantly – in great numbers. You will be using guns with different ammo, grenades or melee weapons to dispose of them and you will be able to heal yourself with medkits and food. As you complete more and more quests, your character will become stronger with better equipment, enhanced skills and gained perks. Will you have more hitpoints, better chance when lockpicking locks or lower fuel consumption while driving across the world map?

Features The Walking Zombie 2
*Good old singleplayer post-apocalyptics FPS
*Attractive modern polygon graphics style
*Karma system – good and bad deeds open new options and encounters
*Tens of story and side quests
*Many weapons, protective gear and other equipment
*Weapon skins
*Variety of enemies – zombie walkers, bandits, huge boss mutants
*Traders in settlements
*Fun minigames and sniper mission

Story of the Chosen one with tragic past
Can your story end happily if its start was already pretty tragic? Thanks to the circumstances surrounding your birth, you are the only person that can save the world. You are immune to the effects of virus that turns people and animals into zombies. That also makes you a perfect weapon against undead masters of the planet and the symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. Find out whole truth about your origin and search for the way to create cure – together with friends you make on your path, despite the dangers lurking behind every corner.

The Northtown, Part 2 (3.3.0)
• Second part of Northtown story
• Wedding and party quests
• New weapon sights, skins
• New enemies (spiders, flamethrower)
• New locations (Dead zone, Space center, BioSec, Military base, Prison)
• New car Winter Mustang
• New shovel graphics and new premium shovel Auger
• Improved weapon upgrade system
• Balancing game - Revil, Killer and others
• Adjusted the maximum level of buildings in Grind city
• About 400 issues solved

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter MOD APK
Free shopping for real money
God mod
Unlimited Points
Unlimited Abilities
Unlimited Ammo


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DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline v4.41.1.1 (Mod)

July 03, 2020
DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline v4.41.1.1 (Mod)

Keep your defense up and shoot zombies in one of the best first-person shooters, DEAD TARGET: Zombie. Can you figure out the key to survival?

In 2040, World War III struck, and the country’s frontiers changed. Modern warfare advanced to a new era after the Minister of Defense signed a contract with CS Corporation to perform project DEAD TARGET. Inject prisoners with the virus and transform them into super evil combat killers. However, CS threatened to trigger a zombie outbreak if the president did not follow their orders. The zombie apocalypse began.

A special defense team was hired to head to the frontlines and collect information before the army can open the counter strike – Operation Apocalypse.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie is an FPS game where you can:
• Shooting zombies in with epic weapons
• Upgrade weapons and gear to face the upcoming zombie waves
• Experience 3D shooting as a zombie hunter
• Slay zombies of all types when you set your nerve to the highest level

• A free FPS game where huge waves of zombies come to you as the tsunami
• Shoot zombies before the invasion come toward you

• Zombies come in many forms with various killing abilities
• Some zombies can be extremely infected with the virus

• Multiple weapons – A rifle, shotgun, machine gun, grenade launcher and more
• Unlock guns when you rank up and improve your strength to become a true killer
• Discover combat moves using various guns
• Shoot zombies with the right boost to become a terminator on the battlefield

• Shooting zombies lets you complete quests to rank up and unlock more cool items
• Shoot zombies so you can be the last one standing
• Weird achievements are always the highest paid

• Prevent zombies from escaping while defending the breached frontlines
• A precise shot can trigger an explosion that can save you at the right time

• Enjoy 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the infection of zombie
• Guns have different sound effects to represent their real-life versions

• Compare your kill records to your friends
• Connect to Facebook to share what you have done
• Shoot the most zombies to become the top zombie hunter

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Protect the frontlines in the best FPS game, DEAD TARGET. Download now to start shooting zombies.

NOTE: The game will require READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to play some features.

Dear survivals,

What's we give to you in this update:

• Battle Pass new season's coming.
• Support controls by left hand.
• New Screen to celebrate 6th anniversary.
• New event: Mystic weapon.
• Improve game performance.
• Fix minor bugs.

Unlimited banknotes
Unlimited gold
You can get it after completing the tutorial


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City Racing 3D v5.6.5017 (Mod)

July 03, 2020
City Racing 3D v5.6.5017 (Mod)

#1 Free Physics 3D Car Racing game Proudly Presented!

Bring fast driving experience to a whole new level. Incredible slim size, and support WiFi Multi-Player racing mode! Race the traffic! Be the king of street racing.

● Real Competition
Real cars, real tracks, real traffic racing with epic drift stunts. Climb up the leaderboards.

● Super Cars & Easy Controls
Big surprise for free nice cars and the test drive! Easy controls and great car selection

● Car Upgrades & Customize City Racing 3D
Upgrade turbo engine, find the optimal tune for your car. Colorful paints and cool stickers

● WiFi Multi-Player Racing
#1 LAN Multi-Player Real-time Racing game on mobile

● Global Rally Tour City Racing 3D
Race around the worlds’ most bustling metropolis like Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Cairo, Hawaii, Chengdu, Arizona

● Many Racing Modes
Include Career, Elimination Tournament, 1 Vs 1, Time Trial

Free Clash Racing in City Racing 3D!

We’d appreciate to hear your suggestions and comments

Like us at Facebook and stay tuned with all new features: http://www.facebook.com/CityRacing3D

• Game experience optimization
• Racing in the fast city


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