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Saturday, 18 April 2020

Quick Video Recorder ( Pro ) – Background Video Recorder

April 18, 2020
Quick Video Recorder ( Pro ) – Background Video Recorder

Thе dеѕсrірtіоn оf Quick Video Rесоrdеr
Quісk Video Rесоrdеr іѕ a саmеrа app whісh helps уоu record vіdео by one сlісk еаѕіlу wіth the option tо еnаblе/dіѕаblе camera shutter ѕоundѕ аnd camera previews.
Uѕеful functions іnсludе continuous rесоrdіng whеn уоur ѕсrееn іѕ оff, ѕсhеdulеd recording, аn еаѕу to use оnе-сlісk Vіdео Recorder ѕhоrtсut/wіdgеt & ѕuрроrt fоr multірlе lаnguаgеѕ.

On Android 6.0 Mаrѕhmаllоw рlеаѕе select “allow all реrmіѕѕіоnѕ”

Main Fеаturеѕ
Suрроrtѕ multірlе lаnguаgеѕ (English, Czесh, Frеnсh, Brаzіlіаn Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Gеrmаn, Sраnіѕh, Russian, Simplified Chіnеѕе, Arаbіс, Turkish, Dutch, Polish)
Trіm vіdеоѕ after you rесоrd them
Enаblе/dіѕаblе preview views
Enаblе/dіѕаblе ѕhuttеr ѕоundѕ
Supports “Nіght mоdе”
Suрроrtѕ аutо whіtе bаlаnсіng wіth multірlе аdvаnсеd options
Sсhеdulе уоur саmеrа tо rесоrd video аt ѕресіfіс tіmеѕ
Supports wіdgеt ісоn changes
Suрроrtѕ back and frоnt саmеrаѕ
Suрроrtѕ Dash Cаmеrа mоdе
Eаѕу storage lосаtіоn option
Unlimited vіdео durаtіоn. Easily ѕеt thе time duration уоu wаnt to rесоrd
Supports “auto stop recording” whеn dеvісе storage is lоw
Multiple vіdео rеѕоlutіоnѕ (HD-720р, Full HD-1080р, 480p)
Sесurе wеll-соdеd арр
Bеаutіful material dеѕіgn GUI

Uѕеr Guіdе
Click thе pink floating buttоn іn the арр or сlісk thе Video Rесоrdеr ѕhоrtсut/wіdgеt to ѕtаrt and stop rесоrdіng.
Quісk Vіdео Rесоrdеr іѕ a frее арр. Sіmрlу іnѕtаll, set іt up аnd еnjоу!.

Quісk Video Rесоrdеr Uрdаtе
Fіxеd bug the Gallery сrаѕh
Uрdаtеd thе Kurdіѕh language
Imрrоvеd the ԛuісk tiles


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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Secret video recorder (SVR) v1.3.4.10 (Unlocked)

March 26, 2020
Secret video recorder (SVR) v1.3.4.10 (Unlocked)

Secret video recorder lets you record videos in the background.

Press volume up button three times within two seconds to start recording.
Press volume low button three times within two seconds to stop recording.

Use the power button (Enable it from settings)
Press the power button three times in two seconds to start recording.
Press the power button three times in two seconds to stop recording.

Do not open any other application that can use the camera during video recording. If this happens, recording will be damaged.

Q: Why is the notification icon displayed during video recording? Is there a way to remove it?

A: If we do not display notifications, Android will not allow video recording in the background. But you can change the application name, icon, notification icon on the settings screen.

Q: Why does recording stop when a video file size reached 4GB (about 30 minutes)?

A: The default, Android system will stop a recording when a file size reached 4GB or duration is 30 minutes. Or if you are saving file on SD Card you should format SD Card is exFAT instead of FAT so the app can record video long time (more 30 minutes).

Main Features:

Can start or stop recording although the device is locked.
Continue recording in background mode.
Unlimited number video recording.
Unlimited video duration.
No camera shutter sound.
No preview.
Clean material design.
Support video orientation
Can record during a phone call.
Supports front and back camera.
Full HD video (1920×1080) recording.
Easy to config camera and video quality.
Can upload videos to Google drive to help you find your videos when you lost your phone.
Share video recording files.
Delete video recording files.
Password protected.
Use the power button to start and stop recording (Enable it from settings)
Change the app icon
Change notification icon
You can use the video editor to trim and edit your videos
Runs in the background even after closing the app (go to settings and select “Run in the background”)

All feedback and feature requests can be sent to the following email coolncoolapps@gmail.com.

Recording will be repeated after 30 mins
Can format file name.
Stop the initial beep sound.
Can stop or start vibration.
Fix bugs.


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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Screen Recorder – Free No Ads v1.2.2.8

March 24, 2020
Screen Recorder – Free No Ads v1.2.2.8

Screen Recorder is an app help you easy Record Screen and Take Screenshot anywhere.

NOTE: If your are using XIAOMI device, please do the following:
You must go to security ->choose permission -> permission -> Screen Recorder and turn on pop up window. Follow up, you go to security -> Permission -> AutoStart -> turn on Screen Recorder.
Press recently app button and look at Screen Recorder, if Recorder hasn’t locked (lock icon over Screen Recorder), please pull down it -> OK

Screen Recorder Main Feature
+ Support multiple languages: English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazil), Italian
+ Support save a video in SD Card or anything location which you want.
+ Record screen
+ Take screenshot
+ Support facecam while recording
+ Support Magic Button help stop, pause and show time record
+ Support pain to you can note by the way draw while record
+ Trim video after screen or any video has format MP4 available on device
+ Record sound of MIC when record screen video
+ Insert logo text, logo image
+ Support Day/Night theme

User guide
+ To user app first open app and press video button on screen –> allow capture screen
+ To stop record you can click notification or open app again after press pause button on screen

+ For device running Android 6.0. You need must allow OVERLAY_PERMISSION and other permission

If you like, Screen Recorder app don’t forget rate five stars ★★★★★ or review. They are appreciated for me. Thank you so much

Help me translate into your language. Thanks

Thank for translator:

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Alison Souza – Portuguese(Brazil)
zanni lorenzo – Italian
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P/s: Communicate with me https://twitter.com/kimcy929

Updated languages Odia (INDIA) and Kurdish


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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

RecMe Pro Screen Recorder HD 2.5.3 Apk

March 04, 2020
RecMe Pro Screen Recorder HD 2.5.3 Apk

RecMe Pro Screen Recorder HD 2.5.3 Apk 

RecMe Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder for your screen and audio.
The app is free with NO TIME LIMIT, NO WATERMARK, with HD quality, and works with rooted AND unrooted devices (read instructions below).

The app provides many features and settings to fill all your needs:
► Root not required: Prior to Android 5.0 you only need to run our startup tool from your computer to activate screen recording.
► Produce HD quality videos (up to 60 fps, up to 1080p, 32 Mbits/s bitrate)
► Screen recorder with microphone audio Screenrecorder with internal audio, or microphone + internal audio mixed together (Root required, available from Android 4.4)
► Display front or back camera overlay on your screen while recording (Pro version)
► Options for recording countdown and stop when you lock your screen (Pro version)
► Image overlay (Pro version)
► Control your recording from controls widget and from notifications
► You can pause and resume while you are recording
► Choose to record to MP4 or MKV video file
► Many settings to optimize performances and quality

Root is not required for screen recording, it means that if your device is not rooted and is running with Android version prior to 5.x you need to run our startup tool as a workaround to activate screen recording.

There is unfortunately no other or better solution because this is how Android works. We hope you can understand this. 

★ For Pro version added a new option to hide controls button when recording is started
★ Stability improvements
★ Technical updates and fixes

App Info:
App name : RecMe Free Screen Recorder HD
Package Name : com.mobzapp.recme.free
Developer: MOBZAPP
Apk Md5 :6b2e7b0a4992f647255409a762c042e9
Apk Size : 27.31 MB
Update on Play Store :February 9, 2018
Version Name & Code:2.5.3(2155)


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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Az screen recording V5.5.9 No Root

March 07, 2018
AZ rcreen Recorder App is an app to record everything that happens on your Android device screen without being rooted in a very easy way. However, you will not be able to use Android 5.0 (Lollipop) 

AZ Screen Recorder's interface is simple and elegant. When you start up, you can see four icons in the center of the screen: To access the record, access the folder with your recorded videos to exit the app settings. In its settings, you can choose the video output quality, or you can view mutually exclusive views on the screen when registering.

Once it starts recording, a red dot in the lower right corner of the screen will begin to glow. You can pause again, if you hold it and drag it to the screen anywhere on the screen.

AZ Screen Recorder Video Record Your Android Device all friends share 

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