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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

PitchBlack S╶ Samsung Substratum Theme Oreo/One Ui v34.2 (Patched)

July 08, 2020
PitchBlack S╶ Samsung Substratum Theme Oreo/One Ui v34.2 (Patched)

Attention : This theme is only for Samsung devices running Oreo and Pie (One Ui)

Substratum theme engine must be installed to use this application

Pitch-black S is the result of perfecting the art of materialism, considering the depths of minimalism and playing around with the most vibrant color combinations. As the name of the theme suggests, “PitchBlack” is a “dark” theme that works with dark and/or black backgrounds (the users get to choose!) which makes it battery-friendly for AMOLED devices.

Theme-sets and overlays

Pitchblack S ships with pre-curated theme sets with pairs of an accent and a background each.

Including more than 130 theme sets and 160 high-definition dark app overlays

Supported OS
• Samsung Pie OneUI (Works with Root or Synergy)
• Samsung Oreo 8.0/1

• Enable system Dark Mode if you are on One UI
• Launch substratum
• Tap on PitchBlack S tile
• Select your android version
• Select all and configure the selected apps with the required options there.(System apps must be selected, like Settings, Android System and SystemUI)
• Tap on build and update
• Wait till all the overlays are installed and ENABLED
• Finally reboot

Quick note:

If you are having issues please report to this email: pitchblackthemes@gmail.com

A quick FAQ

Q : Which applications are themed?

A : Here is the list of themed applications


Q : Does it require rooting my device?

A : Actually NO, since oreo substratum team developed a rootless method which needs an addon to buy that is called Andromeda.

Q : How does Andromeda work?

• First of all download Andromeda PC client.
• Download Andromeda from play store then enable USB debug from developer option.
• Launch the Andromeda app on your device then connect it to pc via usb cable.
• And start the Desktop client.

Q : is it possible to use Andromeda without desktop?

A : Yes, enable Sungtromeda mode through substratum settings which will run using legacy method like Samsung Nougat substratum installation (installing the overlays manually).

• For more Information about andromeda desktop clients

Q : What if my device is rooted ?

A : You don’t have to buy andromeda just install substratum and apply the theme.

Q : Some overlays seems to be installed but they aren’t ?

A : enable Sungtromeda mode and check what are the missing overlays and install them manually.

Q : What if the theme is updates ?

A : Just build & enable while using latest theme version.

Q : What if an application force closes after updating it ?

A : Just rebuild the overlay and apply then reboot.

Q : How do i recover my phone from a bootloop ?

• Try booting into safe Mode and uninstall the overlays.
• Uninstalling the overlays using ADB via Andromeda client folder dictionary.

Telegram group for support http://t.me/pitchblackthemes

Contact pitchblackthemes@gmail.com

• Updated SoundCloud
• Updated Google Translate
• Updated Sound Picker
• Fixed YouTube Vanced
• Updated Other Google apps
• Bug fix and improvements

If you are having any issues, please report to email.
Email : pitchblackthemes@gmail.com


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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI 5.X/8.X/9.X/10.X v12.0 (Pro)

June 06, 2020
Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI 5.X/8.X/9.X/10.X v12.0 (Pro)

The Ultimate Theming App For Huawei and Honor Devices.

Currently Supports EMUI 5.X/8.X/9.0/9.1/10.0

Peafowl Theme Maker Features:
Adaptive Icon packs : Shape your icons as you like
Lots of icon packs to choose from
Multiple Presets : Updated Regularly
Color picker For Apps accent Color
Wallpapers Gallery : Updated Regularly
Light and Dark themes
Unlimited Customizations
Please Note : Some features are limited on the free version.

Important : Please Login/Signup To Continue Using The App

Added Xiaomi MIUI 11 Support.
New Color Picker.
Fixed Background Picking Problem.
Fixed Wallpapers Problem.
General Optimizations.
Bug Fixes.


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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Flux – Substratum Theme v5.6.4 (Patched)

May 31, 2020
Flux – Substratum Theme v5.6.4 (Patched)

Compatible with Substratum engine only. If you are not familiar with it, please do not download

Flux theme for Substratum theme engine is designed with pixel perfect graphics and material ui, to give your phone a new vibrant and dark look.

 Flux White is available here: https://goo.gl/2QRdx2

◆ Works with
• Android nougat, oreo and pie, stock and custom roms
• OxygenOS 3/3T/5/5T
• Samsung oreo 8.0 only.

◆ Themed apps
Many system and third party apps are themed
The list is too big to add it in the description

 Don’t forget to rate and write a review if you like Flux

• Select your android version first from the top of the overlay list.

• Uninstall all overlays and install them again, after every update
Flux theme > Menu > Clean installed overlays.

• Some qs tiles on android 8.1 don’t change color and the inactive line can’t be removed.

• The design of qs tiles look a bit different on oyxgenos and samsung because it is impossible to make them look like stock android ui from the screenshots.

• Enable Dark theme from your rom settings if the option is there.

• Please do not write your bug/suggestion reports in the reviews, instead contact me via email or use the community link below.

• Want full black backgrounds everywhere instead of dark, for your amoled screen?
Select the amoled background option from Android System overlay and then Build & Enable it.

• If you want light notification backgrounds, enable the light notifications options from android and systemui overlays.

• Beta software are not supported even though my theme may work with them.

• Battery and signal tiles in quick settings panel cannot be themed.

• LineageOS is not officially supported, although Flux may work with it.

 Telegram support group: https://bit.ly/2QUv2ZP

 Bug reports: https://goo.gl/X1g51T

 Contact: giannisgn89@gmail.com

 Follow: https://goo.gl/JdRcK5

• Improved chrome
• Improved whatsapp
• Improved samsung contacts
• Misc ui fixes and improvements

• Improved samsung dialer
• Improved pie systemui
• Improved samsung clock
• Improved oos pie files
• Misc ui fixes and improvements

 Liv Dark available here: https://shorturl.at/gyBK0
 Rate and review Flux, it helps the development a lot.


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