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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Volume Panel – Pro v11.91 (Patched)

May 05, 2020
Volume Panel – Pro v11.91 (Patched)

Key Features: 
* An Android 9/10 inspired Volume Control Panel.
* Override volume keys.
* Open from launcher or other apps.
* Choose Media or Ring as the default button response.
* Start collapsed or expanded.
* Left or Right handed mode.
* Custom vertical position.
* Custom panel timeout.
* Hide the alarm volume panel.
* Force close system dialog.
* Custom background, slider & icon colours.
* Option to exclude from certain applications.
* Volume streams: Cast, Media, Ring, Notification (If Supported), Call & Alarm.
* Bluetooth volume control.
* Quick Settings Pull-down Tiles.
* Pinned Launcher Shortcuts (Oreo+)

Quick Access Icons (in the panel):
* Instant access to alarm clock & alarm status.
* Instantly mute media or casting streams.
* Switch between speaker/earpiece when in call.
* Toggle between Ring, Vibrate or do Not Disturb (Silent).

Additional Quick Settings Pull Down Tiles:
* Mute Media.
*Toggle Ring Mode.
* Launch Volume Panel.

Pinned Launcher Shortcuts (Oreo+):
* Mute Media.
* Toggle Ring Mode.
* Launch Volume Panel.

Notification Volume
◆ If the Notification Panel is enabled and splitting ring & notification is supported by the system, ring & notification are independent, if the notification panel is hidden, both stream’s are tied together and follow ring volume.

PLEASE NOTE: Button Mapping apps such as Button Mapper or Bixby Button Remapper may interfere if volume button customisation is enabled.

Limitations: Cannot display over the lockscreen or system pulldown & cannot detect 1st long press, a second click is required.

Required Permissions:
* Accessibility – Detect volume key presses & excluded applications.
* Notification Listener Access – Detect audio casting & toggle Do Not Disturb.
* Overlay Permissions – Show the panel as a system overlay.

volume panel does not collect or share any personal information, nor does it have any of the permissions required to do so.

KeyWords: Volume Control, System Volume Panel, Volume Buttons, Mute Media, Ring Mode, Cast Volume, Android Pie, Android 10, Android Pie, Zen, DND

* Split screen shortcut Android 7+.
* Add Chzech translation - thanks Jakub.
* Fix dialog backgrounds.
* Slider size & scale adjustments.
* Make trigger swipe inwards optional.
* Hide call panel mute microphone button with settings icons.
* Add Mute Microphone shortcut.
* Reorganise settings layout.
* Do not fire panel close when seek bar is tracking.
* Panel scaling corrections.
* Correct scaled corner radius in merged & horizontal panels.
* Split merged panel shortcuts into 2 rows.re


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Friday, 5 October 2018

volume booster for android

October 05, 2018
volume booster for android

Simple, small, free app to boost your speaker or headphone sound. Useful for movies, audio books and music.
In the Android system, you are unable to independently adjust the volume of music, alarm volume, call of voice and other system volumes. Thanks to this phone its booster, you can easily settle all this in a few seconds.
You can boost three different volume types:
* The volume of the media player,
* of the ringer,
* of the alarm,
* Any combination of the three.
What sets the battery over? This is not only the amplifier but also uses the built-in Android equalizer to optimize the frequency channels by a special algorithm. So the result is a stronger and clearer sound. 
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