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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Tamil Voice Keyboard

December 29, 2018

Tamil Voice Keyboard is specially design for those people who want to text or write SMS, poetry or lesson and also something in Tamil language. Tamil Voice Keyboard bring you another variety of using keyboard. Tamil voice typing is considered reliable while having a fast conversation due to voice recognition feature.  Easy Typing Tamil Voice Keyboard, has all latest tools to make keyboard more elegant. Speak to text Tamil keyboard is a simple and user friendly app. The text will appear after you done speaking text.
Voice to text Tamil keyboard app is the simplest way to type messages in your voice when you cannot type them with your hands. Download this Tamil Voice keyboard for Tamil speakers and text transcriber. Speech to text Tamil keyboard app gives you the best user interface and best and easiest speech to text options to do your tasks. Once you get rid of speech to text Tamil keyboard app, you can use the speech to text app to send quickly long texts and articles in any social media and all messaging applications in your device.
Many people use Tamil language in conversation and also want to write some things in Tamil language either it is in home or at outside the home. Voice typing keyboard in Tamil is a simple and user friendly application. Tamil Keyboard is specially design for those people who want to write text in Tamil. Tamil Keyboard can refresh you any time, so install it and keep enjoy such Tamil Voice Keyboard. Easy Tamil Language Keyboard represents a useful Tamil online keyboard that has all the Tamil alphabet and can do easy changes. However, the most stand out is the word prediction in Tamil for which we are especially proud of.

Speak to text Tamil keyboard uses voice recognition and text by voice functionality of device. Audio to text converter also supports speak to text feature which provides an easy way for voice to text conversion in Tamil language in the app. The best ever Voice to text Tamil keyboard and Speech to text Tamil keyboard recognition app has been made for you. The best Voice Keyboard for Android will allow you to write in a Tamil language. Now any one can compose emails, post on Social Media and write messages through this Voice Keyboard.

Easy Tamil typing keyboard is for Tamil lovers who want to use “Tamil to Tamil translation” through default Tamil keyboard. Now you can chat on social media, it's easy to use, you just write in Tamil Voice Keyboard app and Tamil Voice Keyboard online will change it into Tamil language. It is a Tamil to Tamil translation tool, you don't need to type exact spelling of the word like most other apps and this Voice Keyboard app is intelligent enough to understand what you are typing. Just use this application, speak in Tamil language and get your desired text automatically typed in that language. The app will recognize your voice and convert it to your required language text.

Speech to text Tamil keyboard is simple and easy to use for recognizing text by voice. It is a Tamil Voice keyboard which can be used to send as an SMS or used in all other messaging apps existing in your device. Using speak to text Tamil keyboard, you can send voice text to all the messaging application on your phone. Speech to text Tamil keyboard app has availability to write the text by voice into your device and you just have to speak and the app will write it in Tamil language.

Our Easy and best Tamil Voice Keyboard online & Tamil Typing Keyboard App. Download our Keypad and do give us some feedback so that we can improve our Tamil Keyboard. Tamil Voice Keyboard 2018 is specially design for those who want to write text SMS in Tamil Language. It helps you to write funny poetry and sending to your friends. Tamil is our national language there for most people like to write message in Tamil format.
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Monday, 27 May 2019

StealthTap Keyboard

May 27, 2019

StealthTap Keyboard is one of a kind keyboard app that allows you to lock all the messages you send from your mobile. You can use StealthTap Keyboard for any application to be WhatsApp, KIK, iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Hangouts. All you need is to replace the keyboard on your phone with StealthTap Keyboard.

Worried that intimate messages from your partner will be shown on the notice for anyone to see?

Worried to give your phone for few minutes to your friends / family as they may get to know your personal messages?

Switching to a new messenger app to send a private message is a "pain" as your network of friends and family may not be available on that messenger app

Worry no more, get StealthTap Keyboard to send private messages in any messenger

StealthTap Keyboard is an awesome app for all the young millennials that love and respect their own privacy.

Using StealthTap Keyboard:
1. You can lock a message that you typed by lock icon.
2. You can unlock a message by copying the locked message & clicking unlock icon.
3. You can set a PIN, so that when unlock icon is clicked StealthTap Keyboard prompts for PIN to restrict others from reading the received message.

StealthTap Keyboard supports following languages:

To switch languages, press the Comma key and select Settings Key

StealthTap keyboard uses ultra secure and virtually un-hackable AES-128 encryption to lock your messages

Download: - Click

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Saturday, 6 October 2018

PicBoard keyboard

October 06, 2018
PicBoard is a Keyboard 
application which can be used to search the entire web for photos which can be sent directly to the intended recipient right from the chat screen. It is free and has no annoying ads or forced ads. 

How to use PicBoard:
1. Type some query on the chat screen.
2. Switch to PicBoard by holding space bar (in Gboard and many keyboard apps),
3. Click on the image you want to send.

PicBoard makes it easier to search for pictures right from your keyboard without having to open any other Application.  
The image need not be downloaded or saved. 

Start using PicBoard today to make your texting more beautiful!.

You can purchase the pro features which lets you change settings which include unlocking NSFW search results, High-quality images, change result count, etc..

PicBoard is supported by almost all messaging apps on android including:

Facebook Messenger
Telegram Plus
Whatsapp for Business
(If you find any messaging app that does not support PicBoard, do let us know by mail.)

PicBoard now has Stickers!!!
so many memes and stickers to choose from.

The images are fetched from the internet and may be subject to copyright. 

PicBoard is not affiliated with any of the above mentioned messaging apps. All are trademarks of the respective owners. 

Keywords: Image search keyboard , picture search keyboard , photo searching keyboard  
png keyboard jpg keyboard search images search free keyboard hot image search keyboard
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Monday, 28 May 2018

the Emoji keyboard

May 28, 2018
the Emoji keyboard - beautiful emoticons, GIF, stickers
Download Emoji Keyboard - Beautiful Emotions, GIF, Stickers APK v3.4.425. Emoji keyboard - beautiful emotions, GIF, stickers are released in the Tools section and the Kika keyboard team was created. The average rating is 0 on 5 stars on our website. However, this app was rated 5 out of 5 stars on 5 different ranking platforms. You can leave your assessment on Emoji keyboard - beautiful emoticons, gif, stickers on our website, and thus have a good idea about our users app. If you want to know more about Emoji keyboard - beautiful sensor, GIF, stickers, and more information on the Giga keyboard website. The rating of the rating is 4.4 out of 1092,221 users. 1 star 54,240 users and 5 stars for app ...

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Sunday, 20 May 2018

swift keyboard

May 20, 2018
 swift keyboard to make your phone look good for a swift keyboard for free - just do not fight off misspellings. More than 250 million people worldwide can use the SwiftKey keyboard for the hassle-free typing.

The SwiftKey keyboard automatically uses artificial intelligence to learn your writing styles, including emoji (if you use emoji), how you want to type the words you want. It actually works because it fits you automatically and means the text in advance.

The SwiftKey keyboard offers all typing tastes - all colors, designs and themes. Support for 150+ languages Tapping or rubbing-type type. Emoji tons (smileys, emoticons). No emoji. You've previously used emoji or emoji keyboard predictions.

- Your characters ...

             Download Apk

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Gold keyboard Apk

May 19, 2018
Gold keyboard on the golden keyboard

Gold theme for gold and black lovers is the best theme.

Decorate your keyboard with gold and black.

Gold golden with gold glazed gold paints and deluxe black use icons.

Whether your phone is a Samsung or Huawei, luxury Gold is designed to let you enjoy a fast and smooth mobile functional experience.

How to apply a golden keyboard

Notice: Gold theme is a plugin app, download smooth key theme first master key application to run. Tap Install button and download it for free! If you already have the main keyboard installed, please tap the APPLY button, and the golden keyboard tool will automatically be installed on your phone.

            Download Apk
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Friday, 8 June 2018

WiFi mouse Pro

June 08, 2018
WiFi mouse. WiFi Mouse supports speech-to-text and multi-finger trackpad gestures. It supports media controller, Explorer controller and PPT supply controller features. The WiFi Mouse helps you control your PC, MAC or HTPC remote control through a local network connection.
You can control the comfort of your home and sofa and Netflix, Hulu, or Spotlight.


Mouse cursor movement:

Slide the phone screen to create a PC / Mac mouse cursor movement.

Left and right click support

Tap the phone screen to click on the PC / Mac mouse left button.

Double fingers tap on the phone screen to click the right button on the PC / Mac mouse.

Scroll the middle mouse button

Slide the top / bottom of the phone's middle button to scroll the PC / Mac middle mouse button.

Slide the bottom / bottom to scroll the middle mouse button on the two fingers PC / Mac.

Remote keyboard input:

Press any mobile phone's main picture and make PC / Mac the same thing.

PC / Mac Hot Keys and Joint Key:

At the same time, press two keys like ALT + F4, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + P.

Speech-to-text input for all languages:

You will get input method supported by voice input, PC / Mac phone will display the same text.

Near the sensor near to the desktop:

PC / Mac to create a desktop, when your cellphone is close to the sensor.

Mouse & Keyboard Fullscreen:

The largest mouse buttons and the main button.

Remote media player controller:

If you have Windows Media Player, VLC, Spotify,

Winamp and many more.

Remote Explorer Controller:

Integrated remote control IE / Chrome and other web analytics, you can close tab,

Go to the home page, create a new tab, go to your favorite list and refresh the current page.

PPT supply controller:

You can start / stop Power Point / Keynote and enable the next / previous page presentation.

The app will be automatically connected at startup

PC / Mac window controller:

Zoom / Lower / Close the current window.

Compatible with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Mac OSX / Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora).


Tap to click

Drag and drop

Right-click for two-finger tray

Two finger scrolls

Zinc to pinch

Three-finger pull or highlight

There is a four swipe down to show the desktop

Swipe four finger to increase the current window

Swipe four finger switches to change the current window view

Left-hand mouse support (left and right mouse click swap)

Display the handset on the handset on the handset


The WiFi mouse only supports Wi-Fi connectivity (wireless mouse) and Bluetooth is not supported.

And the gesture is added.

Next month XMBC is supported.


1. Simulate the keyboard PgUp / PgDn keys

2. Keyboard support to simulate full screen display (Xiaomi MIX / MIX2 / MIX 2S Samsung S8 and etc.)

3. Browser feature support Copy & Paste URL to URL, which can open system URL

4. Fixes the bugs.

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Saturday, 1 September 2018

My photo phone Dialer

September 01, 2018
My Photo Phone Dialer

is to personalize your call dial screen. Place a photo of your choice to make a screen of your own. Customize it the way you want to stop using the boring phone's calling dial pads. We have provided all the dialing features in this photo dialer. There are call logs, contacts, with the choice of the way you want it to. Its fast, unique and new. That is the caller screen as well as the caller screen dialler of the caller screen as the apps on the caller screen screen. As well as caller caller screen dialer of contact phone set app phone contacts.

Features of My Photo Phone Dialer.

# Unique and attractive phone dialers.
# Slick and smooth dialer rotation.
# Black style keyboard.
# Blue contact dialer style.
# Black dialer and contacts list.
# 3D contacts and dialer keypads.
# Real dialer sound effects.
# Both rotary dialer and keyboard option in menu list.
# Free old phone dialer keypad application.

The dialer is an important part of any type of smartphone or mobiles and my photo phone dialer. If your dialer keypad or whole incoming caller pad and outgoing caller pad is nice and beautiful look and attractive look with your photos then everybody will think about your color and unique photo caller dialer screen. The best design theme for photo caller dialer screen. No need for buy high range smartphone just use this type of dialer screen which will make your smartphone like real high range smartphone. All types of secret features available in callers and receivers. My photo phone dialer app and phone dialer keypad apps also phone dialer for android new version. The phone dialer themes are also custom phone dialer and custom phone number. That's a custom phone number and custom phone cases also caller screen dialler of the caller screen style.

The caller id dialer and contacts phone book caller screen caller screen as the caller screen with the caller screen as the caller screen emoji as the edge caller screen of the stylish caller screen with led flash. This is the caller screen themes and the ultimate caller screen and unique caller screen changer of the ultimate caller id screen hd full also caller screen photo editor and phone dailer theme. The phone dailer app of the caller and contact phone for eyecon and hd full screen caller id for incoming outgoing and dial pad. The contact phone dialer with dialing phone and dial phone. This phone phone dialer for phone and phone dialer phone and phone dialer black and phone dialer black and phone dialer no ads and my photo phone diale.

The call screen and caller screen and dialer dialer for dialers for full screen photos. This is the call screen for mobile phone and smart dialer. This is classic phone is also caller id app and contacts app and my photo phone dialer. The fast contact dialer phone book and dialer has a dialer and dialer update and dialer update and dialer u dial and dialer pad themes and dialer app for android. The dialer download and dialer is the dialer key and the dialer name and dialer name and dialer.
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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

PowerDirector – Video Editor App v6.1.0 [Unlocked] [AOSP] APK

August 21, 2019

Crop and create HD videos with ease.  Plus, our new video stabilizer with shaky cam footage with fix videos to keep your shots smooth and free from stutters.

 Edit full HD footage on your phone, tablet & Chromebook.  Use stunning video effects, transitions, & voiceovers, and even rotate, split or trim videos to make full HD movies with video FX, transitions & custom voiceovers or audio soundtracks.  Also, adjust the speed of your videos with the slow-motion editor.

 Our chroma key feature with edit backgrounds!  Blue screen, green screen and more - also add background graphics or layer greenscreen effects over your footage!

 Share 4K videos directly on YouTube, Facebook & more!  Add Videos to Your Timeline Instantly Start Editing!

 Plus, 64-bit support provides faster video output, improved stability and overall performance enhancements with an unparalleled video editing experience.

 PowerDirector Offers:

 ★ Video editor app with a sleek timeline editing interface
 ★ Add videos to your timeline & edit in our advanced video editor free
 ★ A professional video editor is easy and powerful

 Video Stabilizer
 ★ Shaky imagery with Stabilize videos
 ★ A smooth shot for Fix videos

 ★ Fast video editing comes to Chromebook!
 ★ Edit videos with keyboard shortcuts & hotkeys

 ★ FX editing with drag & drop controls
 ★ Video Editor - A Quick Tap With Add Effects
 ★ Audio Editor - Change your video's music & add fading effects / voice over
 ★ Photo Video Editor - Combine picture and video in one movie

 ★ Chroma key selector lets you create transparencies in video & layer effects
 ★ Blue screen or green screen - place yourself in a new world!
 ★ Easy with Background Environments

 ★ Video collage effects bring out the best in your scene
 ★ Make-a-video and pic collage with music from your collection
 ★ PiP video overlay *
 * Supported devices: http://www.cyberlink.com/prog/ap/powerdirector-mobile/soc.jsp

 ★ Voice over & custom soundtrack capabilities
 ★ Custom music & voice with make edits
 ★ Voice Editor - Add voice to videos

 ★ Video color editor - Brightness, contrast & saturation
 ★ Video trim - Trim videos to achieve the perfect length

 ★ Crop video - Just touch to crop videos
 ★ Rotate video - Create dizzying effects

 ★ Slow motion editor lets you create a few taps with slow-mo video FX
 ★ Free slow motion video effects

 ★ Save videos to your phone or upload YouTube, Facebook, Vine & more
 ★ Share your final cut with friends on social media
 ★ Export video in 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K *
 * 1080p / 4K only available with in-app purchase and hardware support: http://www.cyberlink.com/prog/ap/powerdirector-mobile/4K.jsp

 Android 4.3 (Jellybean) & above, including 9.0 (Pie)
 Chrome OS (Chromebook)

 Works with:
 Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or higher
 Samsung Exynos 7420 or higher
 Nvidia Tegra K1 or higher
 MediaTek P10 or higher

 Image: JPEG, GIF (still & animated), PNG, BMP, WebP
 Video : H.263 (.3GP, .MP4), H.264 AVC (.3GP, .MP4, .MKV), MPEG-4 SP (.3GP, MP4, MKV), H.265 (.MP4, .MKV)  ), VP8 (.MKV, Webm), VP9 (.MKV, Webm)
 Audio : WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC

 Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)
 Portuguรชs (Brazilian)
 Russian Download Apk 
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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Snake game

June 29, 2019

Snake Xenzia on feature phone. Snake retro rewind with Feel the Past

The classic Snake game is very famous in many years, especially in feature phones. The Snake original was invented many years ago (1974) by a Russian developer and then became the most played arcade game on mobile. It is also called "yฤฑlan"

The 1110i is my very 1st mobile phone and in my mind. From 1997 to 2006 and many years later, I and my generation were crazy playing Snake Xenzia on that dumb phone 1110i.

That time, the Snake Xenzia Classic was a storm that infused a new wave into our high school. Everyone has a 1110i played Snake Xenzia, they have a higher score, they try to break the record, and they have fun. Snake Xenzia is a great memory of our life, a rewind purpose.

One day, I and my friends will be talking about the mobile game and of course, Snake Xenzia on 1110i is top of mind. So, I decided to remake Snake Xenzia Rewind to the very 1st mobile game experience with our rewind youth.

Feature phone, Snake Xenzia Rewind - The Snake retro version that has an antique screen with physics keyboard, LED screen display and the same gameplay (with 2468 buttons). The difference between the old Snake Xenzia and Snake Retro Classic is that you are now on a touch-screen.

In this new version 2.0 of Snake 2K Classic, we add 8 bit sound, ranking, setting option to remove Ads and especially the Box mode beside Classic mode. The other mode: Rails, Mills, Apartment, Tunnel only integrated Pro version of Snake 97 Classic retro phone.

Let’s experience Snake Retro Rewind with a present in the past
Best Regards from Vietnam,
HALA team,
What's new?
Now, you are world ranked. You have the sound and 2 modes to play!

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Saturday, 15 June 2019


June 15, 2019

Chess for Android consists of a chess engine and a GUI. The application accepts moves through the touch screen, trackball, or keyboard (e2e4 pushes the king pawn, e1g1 castles king side, etc.). An optional "move coach" highlights valid user moves during input and last played engine move. Full game navigation enables users to correct mistakes or analyze games. Games import and export as FEN/PGN to and from the clipboard or via sharing, load and save as file, or are set up through a position editor. A draw by stalemate, insufficient material, the fifty move rule, or threefold
repetition is recognized. The engine plays at various levels (including random, against itself in auto-play, or free-play, where the game can be used as a "magnetic chessboard"). The user can play either side and, independently, view the board from the perspective of white or black.

The application supports the Universal Chess Interface (UCI) and Chess Engine Communication Protocol (WinBoard and XBoard), which allows users to play against more powerful third party engines or even play tournaments between engines. Engines are imported in Android Open Exchange format (OEX), in Android Chessbase compatible format, or directly from SD card. Engine setup features time control, pondering, infinite analysis, hash tables, multiple threads, endgame tablebases, and opening test suites.

The application can connect to an external electronic chessboard (DGT, Certabo, or Millennium) and online to either FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) or ICC (Internet Chess Club). Download  
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Monday, 4 February 2019

Top 5 Apps

February 04, 2019

Skip Ads
Automatically skip youtube ads after It has displayed about 5 seconds.

We provide you a easy way to skip annoying YouTube ads.

* Mute youtube ads sound.
* Automatically skip youtube ads to come back the video which you are watching.
* Count Youtube time watched.

If you have any problem while using the application, please give us some comments
we will check and update as soon as possible


Tamil SMS app is an easy mediating tool to express your feeling in different situation Like Womens Day wishes, April Fools Day wishes, May Day and for all occasions.
It is always pleasure to express our emotions especially in our mother tongue, Tamil. Here we make it simple in the formats of Tamil SMS and Tamil High Quality Pictures to share your notions in Tamil. This Tamil SMS app contains more than 2000 Tamil texts and 3000 Tamil images. This Tamil Wishes app consists of various Tamil topics on different Tamil wishes themes like Tamil comedy, Love, Tamil kavithaikal, Quotes, Tamil Wishes for the festival days, Tamil thoughts for the day, Tamil quotes from legends etc. Additionally we provide the facilities to share the Tamil SMS and Tamil images to the social Medias like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google+ etc.,
Every day we will upload new SMS, Stories, Jokes, Love quotes, more and more. Also, you can get updates of images, wishes and messages, according to the occasion for upcoming year like new lovers day wishes 2018, Pongal wishes 2018, Republic day wishes 2018, Womens Day wishes, April Fools Day wishes, May Day etc
You can share images or text for festivals like 2018 New Year wishes, 2018 Pongal wishes, 2018 Ramzan wishes, 2018 Diwali wishes, 2018 Christmas wishes, Womens Day wishes, April Fools Day wishes, May Day and your religion oriented specific wishes via Social media such as  WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google+ etc
You can share the variety of comedies as funny images or text , famous Leader quotes or quotes as image or text via Social medias like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google+ etc..
This App contains Wishes Messages/Images for:


dy/dx provides you with HD Gradient Wallpapers in a single click. You get to choose, create, customise, and simply enjoy beautiful colours with this app. The colours and quality of the wallpaper cannot be surpassed by other apps.
The supreme quality wallpapers added with the multiple options to customise provides you with nothing but the best. As if that is not enough, all these features and more come in a compact app that saves your precious storage. dy/dx has features that other apps simply lack. Don't trust us, try it out yourself.


multi clipboard platform Smart Clipboard Manager App to help Multi Copy and Paste easily

A multi platform Clipboard Manager App that is designed to make users the ultimate organiser of copy, paste and keeping important notes which nevertheless simplifies the copy paste operations on smartphones.

Problem: You can not copy multiple phrases together in any smartphone. You can only copy and keep one phrase at a time. It is also time consuming to type everything (Name, Email, address....etc) again and again when you need.

Solution: Use Smart Multi Clipboard Manager which lets you copy any number of phrases, keeps them in stack so you can use any of them at anytime quickly. The Notes feature lets you write and save any detail so you can paste anytime later.

Why Multi Platform?
Use this app on Smartphones, Tablets because this synchronises and keeps same content on all devices no matter where you copy and can be accessed as well from computer using the Web App.


Tamilanda stickers have more thtan 200+ Tamil sticker pack with 10 Categories

Tutorial to use WAStickerApps:
- Install and open the app
- Tap on ADD to WhatsApp
- Open WA and go to a chat
- Tap on the Emoji icon
- You will see a new sticker icon at the bottom. Click that emoji

Check and download your friends WA status on Tamilanda Sticker & video status sharing app

Tamilanda Sticker whatsapp application helps to easily express your emotions, send stickers on WhatsApp instead of emoji, keyboard type and make your overall chat looks more fun than the usual text and emoji. You can even use these stickers to reply on status &  groups. Our sticker packs are small and light weight, and you can add them easily to your collection to share & chat with others

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Google Translation Apk

March 13, 2018
Google translation. Translate between 103 languages ​​by typing
• Tap to translate: Copy the text in any application and your translation is over
• Offline: Translate 59 languages ​​while not offline
• Instant camera translation: Use your camera to translate text in 38 languages ​​immediately
• Camera mode: Take text images for high quality translations in 37 languages
• Dialogue: Two way of immediate speech translation in 32 languages
• Signature: You can draw characters in 93 languages ​​instead of using the keyboard
• Propose book: Save and save translations for future reference in any language

Translations are supported between the following languages:
Chinese, Traditional, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Arabian, Arabian, Arabian, Arabian, Arabian, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, hpire ...

Download App

Permissions notice
Google Translate allows you to access the following features:
• Microphone for speech translation
• Camera to translate text via camera
• SMS to translate text messages
• External storage for downloading offline translation data
Accounts and testimonials are a very good app for signing and syncing devices
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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Smart applock apk

February 27, 2018

Smart APPlock APK APP file new version for all android phones and tablets. APPLock android APP APK is developed by SpSoft. It is the best and popular APP all over the world. This useful tool helps you to lock your APP and games on your android device and protect your data from thefts. Its latest version is avail to direct download form this webpage. Before downloading APPLock APK APP on your android phone or tablet lets have a look about its latest and great features which make it better from others.

APPLock APK Features:
  • Protect Your Data Using Password or Pattern.
  • Set your favorite photo in background.
  • Themes.
  • Change locks easily.
  • APPLock Android APP lock system setting and Google play store.
  • Quick locking and unlocking.
  • Foot print and power saving.
  • Quick lock switcher.
  • Lock wifi and data.
  • Automatic lock at given time.
  • Random keyboard

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